Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of worlds

The world's supposed to end tomorrow positively . Are you guys ready for it yet? Have you put your affairs in order.

We will end up in a world where there are no Wall Streets, politicians, shoot outs or rapes . Who knows ? Meanwhile my bosses aren't bothered that world is ending and threw us another marketing assignment .

I wish I had lived life more in my own terms. Where I was more at ease with myself . But world isn't meant for them who live on their own terms as long as the terms are more in line with the rest ..
For that reason I was thrown off Twitter last night .

Another wish : wish I had been more truthful to parents.

Meanwhile I saw a beggar woman probably from Andhra. I haven't seen such a beautiful creature. She was wearing a blouse too short for her . Why do these poor things end upon streets!! Probably direct cash transfer is going to solve all that if world doesn't end

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A never ending phenomena- Exams

Look at me, look where I’m in. Here I am at my study table, desperately fighting to keep a job, which I’m not very fond off. This is one of the strangest paradox I know of, and it’s happening to me! I’ve to score a minimal 50% and have to mug up a lots of names, numbers, dates, figures and rationales for that. I feel so old to do it & the life is so cruel to me. There was a ‘test-it’ test prior to this and I scored  a whooping 33%. Now you know where I am ended to.

Now as far as my compatriots are concerned, they would come up with clichés like ,’Dude I have screwed it pretty big’. You would sigh with relief that there’s someone to share your misery in spite of the feeling of a weird déjà-vu.  When the results are out the exclamation would be, ‘Dude, I managed to scrape through’. The margin of scrape through is best left to imagination. Anyways I will be left alone to contemplate my plight- the typical Mallu hypocrisy. My real issue is I would be fooled by the question paper. It gives me an impression that I would score the highest- leaving be pathetically deprived when results are out.

I’ve been like this all my life. Exam has always been a struggle. I was never of the ‘group-study’ type as crowds make me fidget. For me to by-heart is extremely painful. So I have to spend long hours working through small passages repeatedly. I always envied people who have to put only half my efforts. One such guy , from my college, used to screw all the girls he could get his hands on & pick up fights with all sundry guys. But he cleared every imaginable exam and today works with the Central Banker. Who said hard work reaps benefits.

When I closed the last exam of my college five years ago, I promised myself not to bother myself again with these. I dreamt of retiring to some sunset beach. Life had something else in store for me. I might have spent a lion’s share of my free time and money to appear for exams- MBA, Bank exams, PG exams, interviews. Next week I would appear for the Armageddon where the 50% mark is to be met or else I’m going to be booted out. I suspect the big shots have developed some sadistic pleasure in seeing poor guys sweat and fret it out.

(To be continued...)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fly out

This year I had been consumed by an eagerness to fly. Although there were no particular reason to board an aircraft , I did so three times this year.

And for some.days I am consumed by a craving for flying out to Europe . To the lush green fields. I've no money and option , is a sad thing.

Last week I was with my friend in train. I saw him reading a book so intently. It turned out to be Palmistry for Dummies. I had to offer my palms as a training material. He predicted I am destined for foreign trips ..


Thursday, August 16, 2012

U are in show time

When it comes to hypocrisy and moral supremacy , no one can beat a Mallu.

We have this penchancy for the fake American Malayalam accent where you roll your tongue and make all words ineligible. Somehow Malayalee developed a fetishism for it and worked hard for this phony accent.

There was this long running Reality show anchor. A very successful program. Although not so very good looking, she had this cool attitude and a very fake nasal accent which hit the Malayalee at his G spot. The program was a superhit and the anchor was made inevitable part of it... Ranjini Haridas.

Recently I watched a YouTube video labelled Ranjini the arrogant. It was a show in another channel were she graciously volunteered to sit on the dais for a character assasination.. And so called laymen vociferously fighting for and against her. And she was dressed in boots and skin tight jeans egging them on...about her outspokeness , drinking , sex..

All the private channels have done one good thing for the public. A push and shove race where the average man can be the superstar provided he has a verbal diahorrea

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good mornings 10082012

Opening the newspaper is a horror these days. The glum mood is spreading through out the globe.

1. The so called missionary Yohanan collaborates with government to a massive land grabbing
2. A jawan suicides unable to stand the torture of his officers. Imagine Indian army is most disciplined and resilient. The barracks rises in rebellion.
3. A married lady and her mother conspires to kill the father as he opposed her extra marital affair.
4. The elected representatives and ministers come out openly in support of illegal estates and resorts.
5. The home minister of worlds largest democracy is clueless about his job

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In me

Yesterday a friend asks me , Why you getting to be talking less these days!
I am discovering there's a inner self hidden from all, which might not be very pleasant. I'm discovering its no use fighting it. Rather I will have to come in to terms with it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good mornings 01082012

I was up in the ungodly hour to catch my Monday morning train. I rolled out the car to find it punctured. I ran to the street to catch the taxi and the laptop bag broke and fell off my shoulder. I waited endlessly for the taxi and that guy charges heavy money...because its ungodly hour.

I learn in the evening that laptop crashed. I had only put a new battery recently. The portable drive had crashed a few weeks ago . The next day I discover a wrongful financial transaction I authorized and which can't be reversed.

Today morning what can possibly go wrong .

But things aren't that good all over India too it the Olympics or the electricity or the inflation

Let's face it with a smile and call it resilience


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good mornings 27072012

I read about the 'black salute' in Mexican Olympics. The bravery shown by the two American athletes and an Australian , the subsequent excommunication of all the three was inspirational.

I wonder if our Indian athletes know at all about significance of London Olympics and the connection with Bhopal massacre. Will we see an Indian black salute this time ?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good morning 26072012

This is one such morning, where you wake up to find some inherent sadness. There's some void and I'm not finding that person to complete the void.

Last days I've been finding how brittle the thing called friendship is. I'm finding pointlessness in all unreal relationships.

Last days I've been also craving for food. Food has become that's so unfulfilling

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey Sam!!!

That was a time , when the popular question among the kids was ' Who's your best friend?'

Oh God and I used to sweat on all these questions on best friend, favorite color, favorite food...

So as not to be left out , I looked around. Best friend is defined as one with whom you can share all your secrets and who's going to be there in times of need.

I looked around. There was this guy with a very very wide grin. He spoke very little. I decided this was the guy with whom I will share all my secrets. So I kept on talking and he kept on listening. And he was such a handsome guy.

Later he took me to his home. He had a father who ran some business in Gulf. But he seemed to be here more than there.  Although he didn't tell me much, I could make out the strains of a dysfunctional family. His dad was pretty much strict man who tried to pester him to greatness (more like mine ). His two sisters were at peek of marriageable age.

By the way, his name was Sam. Internet rage had only started hitting my place. The broadband wave hadn't hit yet. There were internet 'cafes' doing brisk business. I thought creating an email account was as difficult as creating a real post office address. I asked Sam for his help. He led me to the most popular cafe and within minutes I had a hotmail account. And later on with a lot of shyness I asked him to show me how to browse porn. I had read in the magazines that internet porn had become a rage. He taught me the basic steps. Desibaba was the most popular site back then. I went on to become a die hard desibaba fan.

Years rolled on, I totally lost touch with Sam. A few days back, thanks to Facebook, I met him again virtually. He gave me the good news that he's getting married to a girl from a different caste, language.  I wonder how his dad gave the green signal in the first place.

I was stunned. How much life has changed from all those horny teen days. Internet cafes which were reaping huge profits back then died a slow death. Every home went on to have their broadband. Then PC started dying out to sleeker laptops. Right now I'm blogging in from a handheld phone while in a train.

No one uses letters any longer except for the document ridden government offices. I moved on from one email account to another. I can no longer remember my hotmail account. Years ago I fell in love with gmail and am continuing the affair.

You do well Sam. Have a great sexy married life, like all the porn movies we saw

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uhh the life choices

Having. a cousin of your own age can be tricky. And worse, when he's rich.

When Juls' dad married my aunt they were an ordinary family. He went off to Gulf and made a lot of dough. Jul have had a great time, being the only son. He went around the globe, screwed the prettiest girls, had a great life. Now he's planning to settle down to a good domesticated girl from 'ancient Christian family'. Now whatever that means I don't know.

Now my folks , on hearing that, have decided its time I settle down too. I said mom, I don't have the capital to settle down. Moreover I don't have the guts to tell them I don't want any domesticated version.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's complicated

I was browsing through relationship status options in Facebook. I were getting bored of I'm single. It was time for a change. Then came an option : It's complicated.

I wondered what was so complicated.

Back in childhood there was this relationship 'Kutti' and 'Dosthi'. It meant nothing but , in today's terms , Friend nd Unfriend. And it was indicated by the little finger or the V sign respectively. There were no in betweens or extremes. And it was so easy , you give your sharpener or eraser or pencil you are dosti or else kutti .
Today the TV and advertisements have injected the love element into it. I don't still understand the logic.

What I believe is relationships are never meant to be complicated- just a kutti or dosti.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I can't tolerate these IIM

I don't know why I am writing this at all.

Twitter and Facebook is breeding narcissists and unbearable of the lot is the IIM guys. They seldom know there's an IIM today at every bloody corner in the country and so the guys with inflated egos have grown in proportion.

I did have a friend from college, who was okay guy back then. He dreamt of joining IIM. After so much effort he did and today I regret adding him in FB.

I have to wake up every morning to his opinion on politics, sports or how he spent the night out and how much the auto wallah cheated an IIM fella. And in worse days, how he is brilliant in managing.

Guys please get a life. One Chetan Bagath is enough

Monday, May 21, 2012

A sad sigh

Huh there are days when you feel the life's just worth a sigh.

At first it started with badminton. I saw that everyone was performing better than me. While I was just stumbling and bumbling around. Even more sad part is just everyone wants to encourage you, offer you tips and play weak shots in condolence. I want to enjoy the ultimate sadistic pleasure of encouraging.

Then I noticed everyone were studying for their exams. Over here your performance and hikes depend on the exams. I did write once and bombed big time. The results of both papers were amazingly ended with exactly the same mark and I wondered if the computer was playing tricks on me. But surprisingly people who claim they don't even bother to study, simply shoots through with amazing ease. I wish somebody told me the bloody secret.

And to make matters worse I checked my weight and found I was way way way over weight.
I who were underweight and who made fun of fatsos is now anointed a fatso myself. That's some achievement. A bumbling, balding , fat idiot . 

I somehow gained some false idea that I'm wiser than rest of the world . I pretty screw it up when it comes to socializing. I can't stand most of the people . Today I'm realizing if I don't identify with rest of the world, I'll end up a lonely nobody

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spot fixed

The coffee joint was unusually crowded. I was surprised, because in place of all the mushy teens, here are single men staring at TV screen.

It was godamn IPL match. The crazy game did indeed change our world. But in what way!

Last day, when the spot fixing came out, we tried to believe it would've never happened. And we crucified five unknown guys who never made it any big. While the big guns who made the illegal money payment still lives happily ever after.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The old bastards

Really pathetic to see Sunny trying to do a commentary with his mouth full of what he says is Kolkota sweets. Then the camera pans to studio where there's a sexy dusky and not so dumb blonde. She's flanked by self proclaimed comedian of Indian cricket Siddhu. I can't get the joke except that he's doing some dumb pranks and laughing out too loud. His favorite number is moving around skimpy cheer girls. The others join in the laugh and looks too too genuine.
Then comes the white guy who pretends he's an Indian. He's enjoying all the sweat and crowds and noise.
The commentary claims there's huge noise which we aren't able to hear.
And Sunny asks Siddhu if he's sleeping with the fellow blonde girl. Sad man sad..

To top it all there's an ad asking people not to watch tv and come to stadium.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook couples

Facebook is a window to the users soul. A few years ago the people my age were busy getting married.

Firstly the announcement of 'I'm in a relationship' would come. Then It's the event invitation announcing he/she got hitched and you be there to witness event of the century.

The walls were filled with beautiful wedding photos, very much tailored by PhotoShop. The profile picture changed to the lovey dovey couple. They were so eager to announce to the world that this was a match made in heaven.

Then came the honeymoon pics. The girl looking cute and hot & the boy  very handsome. It seemed the couple were accidentally stuck using a strong adhesive and they never will separate. The location would be straight out of some post card. A little rich would go as far as to Switzerland to rewind the Yash Chopra magic.

Soon the profile picture would cut itself to half. If they were foolish enough for unprotected love, then the cute little baby would do the honours . Some would be even more dumb to share the passwords in the days of passion. Then there will be a scramble to reset.

Once upon a time people who were idealistic enough to chat will be very much alive late into midnight.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Doggie style

Life is a strange maze of twists and turns. You'll feel like sitting down nd peninng down the last chapter when you hear a sound: Story ab thak katham nahin hua boss.

When I came to stay on with the old man and lady, Tito was there too. Tito was not really expensive breed. Some local kind with cute spots. They addressed him as 'he'. So I thought he was a guy dog.

He had this habit of running away with the fresh newspapers and slippers. So everything was barricaded as soon as he was out for his morning stroll. He never ever barked when a stranger came into the house. But even a whiff of a fellow species would send him mad.

Dogs are a symbol of aristocracy in the neighbourhood. Most of his neighborhood mates weren't much happy for him. He was never left out of house and the war of words/barks always happened from inside the compound walls. One day I happen to see his enemy come running and attempting to pee outside the gate to piss him off.

Last evening as I stepped in back from office I saw aunt sitting depressed on the door. I was bit alarmed. Tito seemed to have run away. ' I searched everywhere . Some thieves must have stolen him off '.

I felt sorry for them. Inspite of Tito's tantrums , he was a relief for the old couple to make their idle lives tick on. Recently he was showing signs of terrible distress. Food was left untouched. This was interpreted as another of his tantrums. But he was not worth a steal!!

Night.. aunty screamed for me. I ran out to her.' Tito is down in the basement....with three little puppies'

' What!!!? How can HE give birth'

It was uncle who answered "Tito was a 'she' not a ' he'."

I was thanking the amazing grace when Aunty said : What a shame to the family. How could she do this to us.

Uncle: May be this is Immaculate conception

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Mornings 09042012

Hey guys how've you been? I haven't been around here for sometime. I wanted to post things but was feeling too lazy to do it. I'm nowadays totally out of checking fellow Bloggers. I remember chatting with a very famous Blogger. She was loved and commented on by a large flock of faithful. She decided to check on the depth of faith and stopped following/commenting and suddenly found the traffic to her site dropped.

The thing is I have been roaming around the cyber space checking out girls hoping to land a hot girlfriend. Sadly I've been very unsuccessful in that. Girls no longer seems to be interested in good boys ;)

But at the beginning of every week I promise myself to be good and I promise myself that again. I want to read good stuff, blog and study....and no hunting for women on cyberspace.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The crore mania in mallu land

When the kaun banega waltzed through the Indian screens, it heralded the arrival of 'wanna be rich India'. Then no one ever knew it will set Malayalee screens on fire too.

A few weeks back, the advertisements rolled in with an erstwhile actor with a majestic voice as the anchor. Suddenly a rival channel started (almost the same show) . The cards they plated where interesting. The show had to roll off before the other one and the anchor was old flame of the majestic actor.

I sat in front of the TV screen , watching if anyone gets lucky enough to win the 1crore. The game rules are simple- the contestants are given 1crore in advance. He will have to keep it by answering seven questions.

Now into the second episode , I've had enough. There are while girls in black mini skirt, badge with an eagle , black sun glasses(yea, in a studio). They are said to be the security guards. Imagine a guard in a mini and heels. Now the contestants are fitted with a micro phone so that he can't even dart without us knowing. And I can't figure out why dumb people are picked up who throw around money and lose them.

The producers forgot dimnishing prize money is the great solution to lose your interest. The audience sitting behind dark screen is good in Tron Legacy. Not here. Besides the side screen is plural for horrific

Today we had a doctor guy who claimed he's going to help poor patients if he won the money. He lost most of it soon and then he came up with 'I'm going to help poor people repay their loans' Ok smart guy , believed without a murmur.

The candy floss anchor is unbearable. She doesn't have the aura to do this and seems to be in a hurry to get over it and go home.

Then as if this isn't enough torture they bombard you with 20 minute ads  in every five minutes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sweet chat going sour

I write this with a slight apprehension that my college mates are going to recognize the protagonist. Still it makes an interesting warning to all the desperate boys out there who vent it out on Facebook at dark hours of night

We had a rockstar friend guy in college, who shot to prominence through a TV program. And as the stars do , he dumped his cute girlfriend, drove her to depression.

He ran around a few hot chics and last heard he got engaged to a colleague. The guy was chatting with a lady who flew to USA. He declared ' Somehow I want to get laid before getting married '.

The lady wasn't impressed and has gone around publicizing the poor boy's sweet dreams.

Lesson : Think before you chat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good mornings 17032012

Ah well March 17 is dedicated to the loveable people we love to hate.

First prize goes to Pranabda. He tries his best to make sense out of senselessness. And as he may have anticipated, he no longer has any friends. In the era of micro globalisation, its pointless to blame inflation, subsidy, black money on an individual. We Indians would rather put it on the Finance minister. And if there are any guy to pick out, I would rather crucify Bush. But for us, white men are holy.

The second prize goes to Mr.Tendulkar. Not so long ago he carried the dreams of an entire nation on his shoulder. He had to live and play long enough to see entire blame on his shoulders. In a team where not even one plays decently, he was picked out. Yesterday I was rather sorry to see a haggard and worn down man walk in to get his trophy. This is a curse every legend has to face. I just read a piece on him I'm HT by Ian Chappell. It's sad a white man picking up a few lines we failed to see. Rather sorry to say - I'd rather see him go.

Monday, March 5, 2012


The newspaper carried a small time actress attempted suicide. The motivation being suicide of her boyfriend. She was just a small fry who appeared in item numbers and b-grade stuff. I used to hunt around for her collection in my horny teen days

Can't still digest that the skimpy dressed , happy girls dancing around the superstars have got a LIFE!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have Faith

It's so very easy to win cups simply by buying in lots of star players. Even the pundits will sing your praises. But when it comes to having an ideology and living by it, It's not easy. Not at all when you've people taking a count of the silverwares in your living room.

Mr.Abramovich ought to learn just that. He might find it easy to live in a country where oligarchy calls the shots. He might be making easy money as long as he has oil. But he hasn't stopped toying with chelsea football club.

I feel sorry for the fans. They don't have a manager in whom they can put in their faith. Every season he comes up with ay least two of them. And now we hear the forgetable Benitez waits on wings. And nothing seems to come out of their academy since Morinho set foot.

I loved AVB . He loved football. He just got the wrong break. Hope he stays true to his faith

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Groping city

Bangalore (or whatever the name is) continues to amaze the human kind. People there seem to be setting new depths to which humankind can plunge into. The heights of state of art technology doesn't seem to improve the standards of humanity.

Perversions are not inhuman. A society without perversions will not be a human society. But to find a perverted society preaching high ethical values is hard to find.

People here seems to enjoy groping so immensely and find the slightest excuse to do so. Some silly argument with a women can ensure her to be disrobed and groped and yesterday the men supposed to protect the civil justice found a ideal chance to feel the beauty of creation when some female journalist came into argue.

I am even more surprised that there are female Bloggers who claim greater 'freedom ' on streets of Bangalore!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Doctor's at home

The city simply astonishes you with its vivid images. I walked into a spectacles shop to get my glasses repaired and here is a optician who didn't bother to take his degrees.

People walk in here for glasses. He does the eye testing by trying on them every custom made frame he has and makes them read a handout. If he can read it then its the right one for his eyes.

So here we have done away with all the consultations, dilations, computerized testing and every procedure fitted into a small shop. I don't know how safe it is, but certainly safe than the idiots with a degree who prescribe a surgery even for a cold

Sunday, February 12, 2012

EPL gupshups

Ahh. Another incident filled premiership week. And in this otherwise bored and lackluster week, its a change.

Arsenal would have had another forgettable week hadn't Henry come and dine his part. May be we might not see him in red and white colors after the Champions League. What a star , what a legend, what a man.

May be scums like Suarez and Evra take a few lessons from him. The whole English is after poor Kop man. Nobody sees any wrong in Evra antics. It has become a fashion for the English media and pundits to glorify the deeds of Ferguson and his boys.

I saw the legendary Webb's decision against Chelsea and wonder how on earth he pointed to penalty spot. Webb is a danger to football. He single handedly ruined WC finals. Hope we don't see him somewhere nearby.

And AVB's cup of woes never seems to run short. Poor guy has to play a team he never made. Chelsea is like a naked man running around the pitch waiting to be raped

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The love meter

A few days back I got an sms claiming they will measure the probablity of my love succeeding.

I with great hope and faith send in mine and my sweetheart's name. For the sms I lost 5rupees.

To my great relief they replied that I am soon marrying my sweetheart. For the reply they deducted 15 bucks. Anyway 20 is not a great sum to lose for love.

But now every week they are sending me an sms saying 'thank u for subscribing' and are charging me 15 bucks. And u know who I am going to marry for this princely sum.....One and only......


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tweet world today

Tweets can be very interesting as long as we have the attention craving 'stars'. Or else its another boring day with bored people retweeting.

It seems the horoscope for Twitter looks pretty good this week. First, Mr.Maken has suddenly turned a philanthropist when he learnt Yuvaraj Singh is going to USA to fight cancer.

The papers have been pitching in with front page coverage. Some interested people have corelated Yuvi's parents staying apart with his cancer. Anyways our country needs cricketers and film stars for any good thing. And Maken , as he had promised, all kinds of help started searching for the best Chicken soups. I had hoped someone would do a century and do a teary eyed dedication to Yuvi. But from looks of it o don't see it coming any time soon.

Today the Twitter world went absolute bombastic and fantastic. Apparently someone called Ayesha Takia's lil sister got pissed off when King Fisher cancelled a flight. Poor girl didn't know King Fisher had already made it a hobby in India for sometime.

Now the sweet girl chose to tweet her sister rather than ringing her up. Some mischief minded naughty boys retweets to Jr King.

Now they ought to have known junior has role in running the company other than playing Devdas for free beer. He asks 'Ayesha who?' Well the Ayesha fans would take none of it. They logged in and started teaching junior a lesson of his life. And I even read tweets giving Ayesha strength at time of her need

Sunday, February 5, 2012

10crore wonder kid

Read the morning paper, stared at the tv. I failed to make any sense out of it. The morning newspaper proclaimed a new star worth 10crore and here he was bowling no balls and widest and full tosses.

As far as I remember he has been like that all his life. He does come back after comeback. (Well he has Agarkar for company.) He makes blunder after blunder. He still makes his comeback.

Now what is comeback meant by anyway. He's analysts' favorite as everyone is sure he will be a topic to feast for.

Now what kind of business model is this . 10crore for a piece of crap.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Untolerable Cassanova

Casanova a much hyped Mohan Lal starrer released a few days back. 30 crores is an unheard of sum in Kerala. The Prince of Romance was said to charm everyone into love. The release got delayed again and again raising the blood pressure levels. The director, the famous Roshan Andrews (hey, he keeps adding a letter to his name after every movie. The name sounds like it, but cant assure you the spelling) was only asked the release date of the film in every public place. In the end it was released on the Reoublic Day. Lal spotted trendy clothes, drove trendy bikes, dated trendy ladies, flew in planes and preached love. He did all the dance forms he was left do with in his career,

The public went in with so much expectation. They came out and the stupefied silence spoke it all.So I am summarizing a few thoughts representing everyone who lost their money

Dear Prince charming,
cinema is not for money laundering and womanizing. Mughals had thousands of women in their harem. Its not because they women were charmed in hordes. Its because they were left with little option. Its not exactly machismo to cast girls one third your age. Remember at times you’re not making films for Tamil, they don’t know you. Don’t believe what the newspapers say, you are a buffoon in cricket field.

I have been reading Golden Khelas. Think about it our actors, across India, they do everything xcept acting. They sell products, they do fashion show, body show, porn show, beauty show. They do everything except acting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Banana Republic day

The first thing to do on a republic morning - pick up the morning newspaper to watch out for the loser who paid to get a PadmaSri.

Last year a Malayalam actor Jayaram got himself nominated from TamilNadu. I don't think he has acted even in 5 Tamil films. After the function, he explained how overjoyed he was... Thanking god, gurus and all the emotional atyachars accompanied.

Now its the turn for Priyadarsan. God knows what his contributions are apart from English inspired cinema. And doing some ads, owning a cine stars cricket league

The signs of banana republic becomes obvious when space scientists wash their dirty linen in a free for all. ISRO was once renowned agency and the rare government outfit that made us proud

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Un Cultural fest

There's anything but culture in cultural fests. In Kerala these item numbers have become shortcut to reservation in premiere institutes, opportunities in movies and status symbols. The kids are not even trained properly and a crash course is done.

To add to the vulgarity results are fudged. Then there is back door influences, protests and dirty scenes. Anything other than what ought to be seen in kids.

Last day a kid, interestingly turned out to be a neighbor did a piece on an advocate. This advocate appeares for a psycho path and earned wrath of the state. The criminal was hanged ultimately.

The boy did a role on the daughter of advocate, saying how he detested being her daughter.

I can't believe the abyss to which people plunge for stardom. The advocate did something heroic by trying to get maximum justice for a psychopathic rapist. It was fully in accordance with the law. Targeting a person just because he doesn't conform to your values is hypocrisy.

Kerala is well known for hypocritic notions. But at least the parents ought to or the media ought to draw a line. Deriving pleasure at other's expense - what sort of culture!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy scriptures

Partly out or need I have been boarding with my fiercely Catholic aunt for some time. The sumptuous food and free boarding , I am enjoying it.

Today evening, I had a chance to quietly chew on the pecuilar ideological shift welcomed by the church. The church seeing the tastes of the flock have ventured into new arenas. Once the same church used to feed the flock with the grass it prescribed. Now the church grows the grass the sheep likes. A small step for mankind a giant leap for church.

Church moved into TV broadcasting seeing the influence of visual media on sensory organs of the flock. It has become almost as mandatory as a rosary to watch the church run channels.

I saw a program today- a bible quiz. The quiz master winded up the show by exhorting to keep reading the scriptures. Irony is not so many years ago, church totally banned lay man from reading bible. Bible was for the trained personnel. Martin Luther was termed heretic, Satanic, drunkard. Today church is championing same thing Luther demanded.

Is religion a mere method of convenience?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love in the texts

Its late into night. Both the SMSes are about to crash into bed

I: One last qn. Why haven’t u fallen in love yet? Why have the boys spared u, with all the killer looks.

She: :D Have u ever fallen in love?

I: Yes, I have fallen and I have hurt myself

She: Y? What went wrong?

I : Nothing. I didn’t have the courage to tell her. Besides I fell in love with bachelorhood

She: So she never known?

Me: No




I: Hey an advice… Should I tell her how much I love her. But I cant marry so soon. I need time.

She: Its up to you to decide.

I start thinking furiously. May be if I tell her, I would lose a great friend, a great bitch, But at some point of time you need to take the risk and live with it The Send button was longest ever I clicked

Me: Jasmone I Love You

The first time I proposed anyone in life. Wish it was bit more romantic!! But ‘She’ is a tough nut to crack

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life in a metro

In ernakulam the service roads can be busier than the main roads. To top it, there will be some idiots parking his car and totally blocking the traffic. It's completely a no parking zone. But while in India we flaunt the rules and glorify the disciplined Europeans.

Me and my friend were returning from dinner when we saw a commotion and got out to check. A couple , apparently a new A-star, parked their car blocking the traffic. A bike-man returning from work allegedly retaliated by scratching the side with the key.

The people took sides and the crude auto wallahs claimed they saw the biker scratching. Things heated up and the girl in the car had more nerves then her husband. She was giving gaalis with a vengeance driving the stupified crowd to silence. Things nearly went to fisticuffs.

If people behaved with a little understanding and compassion, we.could have very well avoided these incidents. Our metros are very fast degenerating to violence and anarchy. The underlying factor is poor quality of life in proportion to the income

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I met her in the train once again. She was the last person I thought I would meet aain. She had migrated to Mumbai, that’s what I heard from a friend. She was sexy as usual. Indeed, much more sexy than the last time I saw her.

So when this hot girl fell in love with the hottest Muslim boy in college it did create a ruckus. To top it all she came from a ultra God fearing protestant family. The public smooching and groping was a matter of discussion through the campus.

In the end when he confessed cheating her, I thought she would go nuts. She simply refused to believe anyone telling her about seeing him with someone else. In the end she had to believe when he dumped her.

Resilience is the word that comes to my mind. People survive after a crash. But how well they pick up is the key to success.