Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy scriptures

Partly out or need I have been boarding with my fiercely Catholic aunt for some time. The sumptuous food and free boarding , I am enjoying it.

Today evening, I had a chance to quietly chew on the pecuilar ideological shift welcomed by the church. The church seeing the tastes of the flock have ventured into new arenas. Once the same church used to feed the flock with the grass it prescribed. Now the church grows the grass the sheep likes. A small step for mankind a giant leap for church.

Church moved into TV broadcasting seeing the influence of visual media on sensory organs of the flock. It has become almost as mandatory as a rosary to watch the church run channels.

I saw a program today- a bible quiz. The quiz master winded up the show by exhorting to keep reading the scriptures. Irony is not so many years ago, church totally banned lay man from reading bible. Bible was for the trained personnel. Martin Luther was termed heretic, Satanic, drunkard. Today church is championing same thing Luther demanded.

Is religion a mere method of convenience?


Andahlucya. said...

Martin Luther was a pioneer like my married CRUSH John Belt.Yes I admit having CRUSH on a married man today,who will cast the fisrt stone at me?

Happy Kitten said...

Good.. finally they discovered Bible.. now when shall they discover Christ for the laity?

and if & when the clergy starts reading the Bible.. this will be end of the Church that we know now... Guess that shall never happen :)