Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey Sam!!!

That was a time , when the popular question among the kids was ' Who's your best friend?'

Oh God and I used to sweat on all these questions on best friend, favorite color, favorite food...

So as not to be left out , I looked around. Best friend is defined as one with whom you can share all your secrets and who's going to be there in times of need.

I looked around. There was this guy with a very very wide grin. He spoke very little. I decided this was the guy with whom I will share all my secrets. So I kept on talking and he kept on listening. And he was such a handsome guy.

Later he took me to his home. He had a father who ran some business in Gulf. But he seemed to be here more than there.  Although he didn't tell me much, I could make out the strains of a dysfunctional family. His dad was pretty much strict man who tried to pester him to greatness (more like mine ). His two sisters were at peek of marriageable age.

By the way, his name was Sam. Internet rage had only started hitting my place. The broadband wave hadn't hit yet. There were internet 'cafes' doing brisk business. I thought creating an email account was as difficult as creating a real post office address. I asked Sam for his help. He led me to the most popular cafe and within minutes I had a hotmail account. And later on with a lot of shyness I asked him to show me how to browse porn. I had read in the magazines that internet porn had become a rage. He taught me the basic steps. Desibaba was the most popular site back then. I went on to become a die hard desibaba fan.

Years rolled on, I totally lost touch with Sam. A few days back, thanks to Facebook, I met him again virtually. He gave me the good news that he's getting married to a girl from a different caste, language.  I wonder how his dad gave the green signal in the first place.

I was stunned. How much life has changed from all those horny teen days. Internet cafes which were reaping huge profits back then died a slow death. Every home went on to have their broadband. Then PC started dying out to sleeker laptops. Right now I'm blogging in from a handheld phone while in a train.

No one uses letters any longer except for the document ridden government offices. I moved on from one email account to another. I can no longer remember my hotmail account. Years ago I fell in love with gmail and am continuing the affair.

You do well Sam. Have a great sexy married life, like all the porn movies we saw

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uhh the life choices

Having. a cousin of your own age can be tricky. And worse, when he's rich.

When Juls' dad married my aunt they were an ordinary family. He went off to Gulf and made a lot of dough. Jul have had a great time, being the only son. He went around the globe, screwed the prettiest girls, had a great life. Now he's planning to settle down to a good domesticated girl from 'ancient Christian family'. Now whatever that means I don't know.

Now my folks , on hearing that, have decided its time I settle down too. I said mom, I don't have the capital to settle down. Moreover I don't have the guts to tell them I don't want any domesticated version.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's complicated

I was browsing through relationship status options in Facebook. I were getting bored of I'm single. It was time for a change. Then came an option : It's complicated.

I wondered what was so complicated.

Back in childhood there was this relationship 'Kutti' and 'Dosthi'. It meant nothing but , in today's terms , Friend nd Unfriend. And it was indicated by the little finger or the V sign respectively. There were no in betweens or extremes. And it was so easy , you give your sharpener or eraser or pencil you are dosti or else kutti .
Today the TV and advertisements have injected the love element into it. I don't still understand the logic.

What I believe is relationships are never meant to be complicated- just a kutti or dosti.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I can't tolerate these IIM

I don't know why I am writing this at all.

Twitter and Facebook is breeding narcissists and unbearable of the lot is the IIM guys. They seldom know there's an IIM today at every bloody corner in the country and so the guys with inflated egos have grown in proportion.

I did have a friend from college, who was okay guy back then. He dreamt of joining IIM. After so much effort he did and today I regret adding him in FB.

I have to wake up every morning to his opinion on politics, sports or how he spent the night out and how much the auto wallah cheated an IIM fella. And in worse days, how he is brilliant in managing.

Guys please get a life. One Chetan Bagath is enough