Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The crore mania in mallu land

When the kaun banega waltzed through the Indian screens, it heralded the arrival of 'wanna be rich India'. Then no one ever knew it will set Malayalee screens on fire too.

A few weeks back, the advertisements rolled in with an erstwhile actor with a majestic voice as the anchor. Suddenly a rival channel started (almost the same show) . The cards they plated where interesting. The show had to roll off before the other one and the anchor was old flame of the majestic actor.

I sat in front of the TV screen , watching if anyone gets lucky enough to win the 1crore. The game rules are simple- the contestants are given 1crore in advance. He will have to keep it by answering seven questions.

Now into the second episode , I've had enough. There are while girls in black mini skirt, badge with an eagle , black sun glasses(yea, in a studio). They are said to be the security guards. Imagine a guard in a mini and heels. Now the contestants are fitted with a micro phone so that he can't even dart without us knowing. And I can't figure out why dumb people are picked up who throw around money and lose them.

The producers forgot dimnishing prize money is the great solution to lose your interest. The audience sitting behind dark screen is good in Tron Legacy. Not here. Besides the side screen is plural for horrific

Today we had a doctor guy who claimed he's going to help poor patients if he won the money. He lost most of it soon and then he came up with 'I'm going to help poor people repay their loans' Ok smart guy , believed without a murmur.

The candy floss anchor is unbearable. She doesn't have the aura to do this and seems to be in a hurry to get over it and go home.

Then as if this isn't enough torture they bombard you with 20 minute ads  in every five minutes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sweet chat going sour

I write this with a slight apprehension that my college mates are going to recognize the protagonist. Still it makes an interesting warning to all the desperate boys out there who vent it out on Facebook at dark hours of night

We had a rockstar friend guy in college, who shot to prominence through a TV program. And as the stars do , he dumped his cute girlfriend, drove her to depression.

He ran around a few hot chics and last heard he got engaged to a colleague. The guy was chatting with a lady who flew to USA. He declared ' Somehow I want to get laid before getting married '.

The lady wasn't impressed and has gone around publicizing the poor boy's sweet dreams.

Lesson : Think before you chat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good mornings 17032012

Ah well March 17 is dedicated to the loveable people we love to hate.

First prize goes to Pranabda. He tries his best to make sense out of senselessness. And as he may have anticipated, he no longer has any friends. In the era of micro globalisation, its pointless to blame inflation, subsidy, black money on an individual. We Indians would rather put it on the Finance minister. And if there are any guy to pick out, I would rather crucify Bush. But for us, white men are holy.

The second prize goes to Mr.Tendulkar. Not so long ago he carried the dreams of an entire nation on his shoulder. He had to live and play long enough to see entire blame on his shoulders. In a team where not even one plays decently, he was picked out. Yesterday I was rather sorry to see a haggard and worn down man walk in to get his trophy. This is a curse every legend has to face. I just read a piece on him I'm HT by Ian Chappell. It's sad a white man picking up a few lines we failed to see. Rather sorry to say - I'd rather see him go.

Monday, March 5, 2012


The newspaper carried a small time actress attempted suicide. The motivation being suicide of her boyfriend. She was just a small fry who appeared in item numbers and b-grade stuff. I used to hunt around for her collection in my horny teen days

Can't still digest that the skimpy dressed , happy girls dancing around the superstars have got a LIFE!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have Faith

It's so very easy to win cups simply by buying in lots of star players. Even the pundits will sing your praises. But when it comes to having an ideology and living by it, It's not easy. Not at all when you've people taking a count of the silverwares in your living room.

Mr.Abramovich ought to learn just that. He might find it easy to live in a country where oligarchy calls the shots. He might be making easy money as long as he has oil. But he hasn't stopped toying with chelsea football club.

I feel sorry for the fans. They don't have a manager in whom they can put in their faith. Every season he comes up with ay least two of them. And now we hear the forgetable Benitez waits on wings. And nothing seems to come out of their academy since Morinho set foot.

I loved AVB . He loved football. He just got the wrong break. Hope he stays true to his faith

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Groping city

Bangalore (or whatever the name is) continues to amaze the human kind. People there seem to be setting new depths to which humankind can plunge into. The heights of state of art technology doesn't seem to improve the standards of humanity.

Perversions are not inhuman. A society without perversions will not be a human society. But to find a perverted society preaching high ethical values is hard to find.

People here seems to enjoy groping so immensely and find the slightest excuse to do so. Some silly argument with a women can ensure her to be disrobed and groped and yesterday the men supposed to protect the civil justice found a ideal chance to feel the beauty of creation when some female journalist came into argue.

I am even more surprised that there are female Bloggers who claim greater 'freedom ' on streets of Bangalore!!