Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Mornings 27092011

The destiny has chosen me to share my birthday with Indian version of Google. A long 25+ years have passed. Birthdays is no longer something I look forward to. I would like to get this over with.

My mates tried to make it best one possible with a lot of birthday bumps. There might be a party tonight. Hope it doesn't my purse.

Just watching a morning show for jobless. People moan how low waist jeans are destroying our culture. Hope these moral police remembers until a few decades ago women used to go bare chested around here.

Sharing a line : Every morality is a pseudo morality

Friday, September 23, 2011

Universal Truths

Today morning, my room mate came running in. The headlines screamed something.

I took up the paper to find that the age old Theory of Relativity is on the verge of extinction. My friend has his exams coming on in December and in one morning the entire world of physics has changed.

I can't help but reminiscence with a tinge of sadness about the nights spent convincing myself that light is the fastest in the world. Now the kids have to learn different theories at school.

Still human race isn't willing to admit the evergreen, unchanging theory ' Life is nothing but an illusion '

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Mornings 22092011

Women might be the most difficult among the God's creation to analyze.
The above statement may not find any opposition, even from a staunch female chauvnist. It was just yesterday while I was sharing a walk with a girl. Suddenly she says ' I've got to go ' and goes. Not even a decent good bye.

Rest of the week is going to be bit hectic. I've been asked to do a talk on the economic situation of the country in 80's. I am not an economic student but then it doesn't matter. I have found some quite interesting facts. Looking on to add more.

A local debate ranging on is about a treasure trove discovered. The temple people says its theirs and intellects days its the nation's. Whoever wins It's theirs to plunder.

Yesterday was the death anniversary of one of the prominent personalities on Kerala - Sree Narayana Guru. He fought against the notorious untouchablity system prevalent in the state. Alcohol was his second enemy. He commanded his disciples not to consume, produce or sell liquor. Today his followers are the strongest in the country - politically and financially. The organisation is headed by one of the most powerful liquor barons in the country.

A fast approaching birth anniversary is something I look ahead with certain apprehension

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dangerous liasions

Yesterday saw the sorry spectacle of Kochi tuskers team being scrapped off. I checked the Twitter to see what Tharoorji had to say on that. As usual he was kind enough to shift the blame on the management. I wouldn't want to get into another Tharoor rant. But am hopeful he would recollect the shallow promises  made in relation with venturing into a money churning business.

Even Machiavelli wouldn't have envisioned a situation where the politics and corporates intertwine dangerously. Our society is living in the danger of exterminating itself thanks to selfishness of a few.

Some more hypocrites

An interesting news came in the newspaper, ' Common man have had enough of hartals'. I am surprised that Common man has no problem with the frequent petrol hikes. But he is in deep distress with hartals and strikes.

And to provide some sort of relaxation Berlusconi has claimed he has some 'it' with 8 women. Now for a man who is fraction of his age, its difficult to imagine the possiblity. Still the unrealistic never fail to stimulate us.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Here comes another rate hike, which was preceded by fuel hike. The Manmohan Co. is no longer bothered to give any explanations. The team Anna seems to be too busy salvaging whatever happened to them. Anyways they never bothered much on the inflation.

We were planning to do a play ' theatre of the absurd ' as part of a.cultural program.


A man crying out for water. A beautiful woman appears with a bottle of coke. He tastes it and pushes her away.


Two lovers sitting silently. The boy says ' I failed to get promotion '
The girl removes the ring and walks away.
At the same time there is another girl waiting for someone. A guy comes in ' little time is left. Let's go '

She packs her bag and start out when some ruffians come in and brutally murders him.


Two figures sit cross legged. One man and one woman. One guy points to the man and says, ' This is the India we are fasting for.'
Everyone cheers for him while the lady is covered with a sheet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Mornings 16092011

Everyone, I really am in a loss of words about what I wrote yesterday. To put things in short - a girl from south, probably incensed, wrote about Delhi boys in general. Someone posted that in the Facebook and ultimately lead to a war that spiralled when who's who headed in.

I couldn't understand much of the goings except for a few years of coexistence. Hence I have decided to maintain my neutrality. But I stand by my argument that sex is the best way to coexist.

Apart from that, today a guy came down to market his mutual funds. I was just amazed by the way these guys market the non performing shit. Unless someone dare question, we are sure to fall into the trap.

But something he said did catch my attention. When the private banks bother about the rich men in cities, the nationals are pushed to rural sides to reap losses. How long are we going to sustain a loss making public bank. Does the social responsblity stand for public banks alone?

I am in the process of doing a small, short play and we are going to name it.' The theatre of the absurd '

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

North South

The stage has been set for another north-south battle. And Indian netizens have chosen Blogger as the arena. The guys recieved the hits they yearned for when thousands came back again and again to comment.

Now this isn't the first hate mail.written by a north Indian against the southern counterpart or vice versa. But at some point you grow sick against the absurdity.

The surprising factor is even the pan Indian Outlook hasn't cured us off our sickness.

The various things that diversifies us our analysed bit by bit. The food, films, women, names, cinemas. I guess some girl might have been ditches by a guy for which she took it out against the entire race.

May be a lot of inter country sex probably will bring us closer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Mornings 14092011

Thankfully after a day the connecvity has come back. I am happy to get back online. Moreover relieved that the gunners are still on hunt.

Fort Kochi is a picturesque and historic place. But the rain makes it unbearable. Yesterday's class was on 'credit'. A touchy area, which we can't ignore and at the same time we can't love. I have a problem in keeping myself awake beyond a point.

And at the end of the day, we went to grab a few drinks. That's another habit I donot want to encourage.

I have been asked to do lecture on 'Aadhar'. Looking for inputs

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Mornings 12092011

Morning was pretty early today. I have got a training starting from today at Fort Kochi. The place is pretty beautiful, far removed from the din of city. Evenings are a time to booze and eat. If you have the guts, its a time to sleep.through. But to get there is a trouble in itself. Sober decided to drive up there at the expense of a sound.sleep. This is a time to meet up some batch mates- both interesting and boring. Sadly the girls are going to be the boring ones.

The new generation urban youngsters are an interesting lot. There are plenty of opportunities. Hence no one is interested in going through the grind. We want to reach the top as quickly as possible, without much pain. To retain young blood is a big time headache for the HR

Yesterday was the anniversary of something big that happened years ago- 9/11. What has US gained out of it and what has the world as a whole benefitted is a question gaining whole the more relevance.

While USA claims more security, the third world had to bear the brunt.

Moment by Moment

Yesterday a friend texted me. It was her Papa's death anniversary and she was feeling wierd.

'Wierd?' I replied. 'yeah. I don't know how would Papa feel to know her daughter reached nowhere.'

She was not bad in her studies. But she successfully messed up her graduation. She had a disasterous fling. The guy is married to someone else and is trying hard to coax her into an illicit affair. To top it all she made some bad investments that made hee indebted to wrong guys.

I have seen girls messing up big time when their dads passes away. I wouldn't want to generalise but it might have something to do with the feeling of security.

I found no words to console her. But in my short experience success is a very relative term. The success at this moment might turn sour in the very next. So its pointless moaning or gloating. I know a group, once it had some of the biggest engineering contracts in the country. A few bad investments and the owners have no house even to stay.

Let's live and build life moment by moment

Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Mornings 10092011

Now it's yet another Saturday. After a two-day holiday with the family I am off to work and will hopefully return by evening. But yea, it's not easy to move your ass after two days of laziness aka happiness. Thankfully the Boss is going to be on leave today.

The good part of journey is I met a cute girl, whom I think has developed a bit of affection towards me. We have met a couple of times before. Although I don't have the allusion of this developing into anything fruitful, I hope it leaves me with good memories.

I watched a bit of cricket yesterday. I am baffled by the way the world champions played. Nothing is permanent, Dhoni can find solace in the age old wisdom. But even then Poonam Pandey provided some sort of solace. Although she went back partially on her promise to pose nude.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Mornings 07092011

Yesterday I had a very healthy discussion with a friend on the need of television. 'NEWS!' He said. But the NEWS that we see today are worthless and untrustworthy. The rest of the programs are waste of time. Later i had a supporter in Jane. Apparently she has survived for sometime without the idiot box.

The holiday season is back and I am going to be busy packing off for home. Yesterday I went to get myself a pair of pants. I couldn't believe the crowd at a Reliance outlet. You wouldn't believe they don't close down at nights until the last customer is out. May be until 1 and open early morning.

Today's war of words between Behenji and Assange was awesome. I love this guy. She and her stooges were reduced to clowns they really are. Atleast she could have shown some class.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Mornings 06092011

I just don't understand why I end up org some of the depressive managers on earth. Or are everyone like that? Or have I got something wrong with my attitude?

Yesterday I had to sit in his cabin to listen to his heroics for an hour. Wish someone told him how boring he is! This upseted all my plans. I came to my pad and fell stone asleep.

I think with arrest of Bellary bros, it's a significant step in Indian democracy. May be Congress wanted to give one back to BJP. Whatever the intention it's good for World peace.

The milk prices have increased again. Just can't help wonder how long this cycle will go on before someone yells enough.

I just found a picture of a woman on internet. Such a powerful eyes. Wish I could have shared it with you all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Mornings 04092011

The last thing you want to do after working your ass off is to go home and have a peaceful Saturday. But then if you have to work in through the weekend, you are screwed.

I don’t know if it’s part of my destiny, I keep bumping into managers who claim they are worse than the previous one. Or are everyone like that?

Well this one is an exception. He is personally a miser and comes up with long winding lecture. He makes the low grade staffs work overtime and doesn’t give them over time benefits which are rightfully theirs. They just earn one-tenth his salary. I wonder what he stands to lose if they get couple of bucks more?

Believe it or not across the world Indian labour conditions are the worst. I am not just talking about the lower grade. You spend the lion’s share of your time in front of a computer and you get peanuts in return. In other words quality of life is not proportional to benefits you earn or the standard of life. Employee satisfaction and well being is the sector given least priority into- be it corporate or government.

I have been wondering for sometime- why is laziness a mortal sin? Why can’t we just sit back and relax. Why do we have to keep minting out and minting out money?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Mornings 03092011

I am sitting here shocked. India is traditionally famous for its devils dressed in driver's clothes. But Kerala had been an exception. Not anymore. I have lost count of people who had to bear the scars, thanks to someone else's mistake.

My greatest friend's mom ended up in a critical condition. She was just attempting to cross the road. Lax driving ought to invite grave sentences. But IPC is filled with loopholes.

The wolves are at it again. After victory of democracy, Brits and French are after Libyan oil. This is going to disturb the markets again.

Last night I chatted up with an old manager of mine. Ofcourse she is good looking stuff. She was surprised that I didn't attempt a conversation then. Who will dare flirt with managers?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good mornings 02092011

I woke up the morning with a persistent cold. The climate here has been drenchy for the last two days. To make matters worse we have an audit today. Audits are inevitable as far as a financial institution is concerned. But for a worker its a nightmare.

I finished watching Polanski's 'ninth gate'. He is more or less an unfinished version of Hitchcock. Film was spooky with gripping narrative be camera. But nothing more.

Wikileaks have come up with another startling revelation. This time a powerful Kerala minister is found out to have terrorist connection. Assange is in no mood to fade away. I am planning to do a stealing.

I; am going to lift my neighbor's newspaper.