Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good mornings 29/ 07 / 2013

Another week. I am already dreading it.  Yesterday spent an evening with an old friend.  Had a real candid talk on life.  Years are rolling by and there is nothing but gloom

I was talking to a friend. He helps poor weavers with loan which is subsidized by the government.  This guy inorder to meet his target makes them take mutual funds out of their margins.  Such a sad world. There is no longer place for any ethics.

Meanwhile there was no fixing or corruption in BCCI. All is well with IPL

Friday, July 26, 2013

Good mornings 27/07/2013

Hey guys.  Yesterday I fished out a reality show video from Youtube.  It is a semi porn program telecast in the TV.

Out of work actors, politicians, singers and wannabes are put in some house.  Here they exibhit their fetishes for the cameras.  Then the intellects claim that this happen in average Malayali home.  Excuse me, it doesn't happen in mine or anyone I know of.  Here we don't go around hugging and kissing and in my home I don't exclaim at the size.

Even more curious case is the Media running behind a woman who cheated the rich idiots when entire state is under turmoil

Then there is cricketing experts who spend hours analyzing a team who is not even loaded for a school cricket

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Film to miss - Cocktail

Today watched one of another hyped , pain-in-the-ass. The film goes with the name 'Cocktail'.
A fifty something former NATIONAL AWARD winner tries to play some play boy in the initial half.  Everyone from the air hostess to company boss wants to sleep with him which he kindly obliges.  Mr Safe don't you think it has Gone a bit far considering that feminine voice doesn't suit your waxed body. 

And there is long legged beauty who is the party animal of London. The party animal pees every time she hits a pub.  As usual her stereo typical role where she realizes at the end that she wants to be a normal girl.

And there is a desi bahu who learns to wear mini skirts

The all too predictable story set in foreign.  Earlier the stars never acted in small stuff.  Now everyone wants to play the boy next door. The difference is they wear designer clothes,  live in bachelor pads, party all night,  fucks everyone and in the end realizes India is the best

Safeji can you choose an alternative career,  considering the fact that you stayed long enough and there seems to be nothing more to offer

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good mornings 02/07/2013

There are days I can't stand myself. This is probably one such day. May be the greatest devil lies in ourselves

It all began some 10 years ago and I still realize that I draw great pleasure by acting an online online jerk. I love asking all kinds of wierd questions to girls .

Whatever, the Brazilians have won the trophy. Politicoans are out there in twitter.  Everything well in Uttarakhand

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good morning 1/07/2013

Half the year is over. I just don't want to endure the next Half.  Today there seems to be the Annual celebration. A venue where we try hard to make ourselves believe in the values and culture.

Our poor gym Master was heart broken when a kid told him its time 'you wear a bra.

Today would be a pain in other sense.  Wilo have to endure sports pundits in my facebook time line. Meanwhile my friend returned from Gulf and started a small shop here

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Mornings 20/05/2013

Hey guys how was your weekend?

Mine Sunday started off with sadness . I failed in the certification course. Every colleague passed and I'm left out. The reason is I can't put my mind to study . I appreciate people who can. I don't know what to come up with when parents ask for the result . This is second straight time . Now I feel like quitting all this shit .

Meanwhile I browsed through the newspaper and found a friend from school who cleared civil services. She cleared her medicine with top rank & now this. How do these people do it !!

Evening we hit the reception of a college mate. Met a load of old friends. Time pass by so fast. I have doubts in my capablity to lead a family. I told this to my folks & resulted in so much tears

So much for the rant . Hope we all have a great week

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Mornings 15/05/2013

How are you doings jellybeans?

The papers and Twitter is filled with Angelina Jolie doing masetotocomy ( spelt wrong , I know ) . I was saddened by the thought of those beautiful boobs. I expressed my sadness bit loudly and was nearly raped in Twitter.

In the morning I met our dear scientist from ISRO. Now ISRO is a place filled with 90% losers who are paid obscenely. They then get their loser sons to the ship & secure the family . Since those guys are supposed to be doing some great service we aren't supposed to question .

So he is this guy I avoid at all costs . But today he runs after me and asks : how does it feel
I : I feel good
He : no I was asking how do u feel about the way I look

Wanted to say u look pathetic , ended up saying: Sir you look great !!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Good mornings 13/05/2013

How you been darlings?

I was off to attend a wedding yesterday. All I wanted was to register my presence & get back to office . Surprisingly ended up meeting some old friends & ended up catching up for a couple of hours. All are married & got kids. 'Uncles' by standard definition. Huh time flies...

The Malayalam papers are filled with dirty factionalism in communist party. Saddened by the collapse of a party that lived by example.

Meanwhile English papers report absurd news as ManU buying both Cesc & Ronaldo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Mornings 13/05/2013

How you all doing ? How was your weekends?

I attempted the first part of a three set exam on Sunday . Not that I'm so keen to hold the diploma but it has become part of an ego .

Meanwhile one of my second cousin got married to a filthy rich daughter of some pastor . Now he has got money & God on his side.

I hit the gym today after some two years. It feels so good to feel your muscles creak .

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good mornings 07/05/2013

Hey Dudes

The new boss is determined to win award for the biggest asshole

Last year I'm finding out that I can do things I hate most. It's been a kind of self undoing . When I see my contemporaries in position they love , I wonder what my mistake is .

Meanwhile the Malayalam daily comes up with Nayanthara in bare minimum . Made my day

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good mornings 6/5/2013

Hey guys , great to see you all

After two years of roaming I'm back in town ... From now its days of mom's food , gym , music

But new job will be pretty tough & manager is a great son of a bitch

I'm joining today , wish me luck