Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love in the texts

Its late into night. Both the SMSes are about to crash into bed

I: One last qn. Why haven’t u fallen in love yet? Why have the boys spared u, with all the killer looks.

She: :D Have u ever fallen in love?

I: Yes, I have fallen and I have hurt myself

She: Y? What went wrong?

I : Nothing. I didn’t have the courage to tell her. Besides I fell in love with bachelorhood

She: So she never known?

Me: No




I: Hey an advice… Should I tell her how much I love her. But I cant marry so soon. I need time.

She: Its up to you to decide.

I start thinking furiously. May be if I tell her, I would lose a great friend, a great bitch, But at some point of time you need to take the risk and live with it The Send button was longest ever I clicked

Me: Jasmone I Love You

The first time I proposed anyone in life. Wish it was bit more romantic!! But ‘She’ is a tough nut to crack


Andahlucya. said...

You mean she's a bit crazy and cracks you up?That is the best wife you know.

BK Chowla, said...

Build some guts

Anonymous said...

I'm with BK on this one!

Destiny's child... said...

I second MR BK Chowla. But bitch??? Why oh why? ;/

Jon said...

Don't ask...my jasmone has some very pecuilar LIKES.. hope.she read the post and comment