Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Mornings 09042012

Hey guys how've you been? I haven't been around here for sometime. I wanted to post things but was feeling too lazy to do it. I'm nowadays totally out of checking fellow Bloggers. I remember chatting with a very famous Blogger. She was loved and commented on by a large flock of faithful. She decided to check on the depth of faith and stopped following/commenting and suddenly found the traffic to her site dropped.

The thing is I have been roaming around the cyber space checking out girls hoping to land a hot girlfriend. Sadly I've been very unsuccessful in that. Girls no longer seems to be interested in good boys ;)

But at the beginning of every week I promise myself to be good and I promise myself that again. I want to read good stuff, blog and study....and no hunting for women on cyberspace.

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jane.healy said...

I didn't see you here for a long time so stopped looking :( That is how it is in blogville ... we just think another one bites the dust.