Saturday, March 3, 2012

Groping city

Bangalore (or whatever the name is) continues to amaze the human kind. People there seem to be setting new depths to which humankind can plunge into. The heights of state of art technology doesn't seem to improve the standards of humanity.

Perversions are not inhuman. A society without perversions will not be a human society. But to find a perverted society preaching high ethical values is hard to find.

People here seems to enjoy groping so immensely and find the slightest excuse to do so. Some silly argument with a women can ensure her to be disrobed and groped and yesterday the men supposed to protect the civil justice found a ideal chance to feel the beauty of creation when some female journalist came into argue.

I am even more surprised that there are female Bloggers who claim greater 'freedom ' on streets of Bangalore!!


Rachna said...

The behavior of lawyers was atrocious. And, I don't know who says Bangalore is safe. I have never felt safe to venture out alone especially at night. Bombay is the safest city I grew up in.

Anonymous said...

Today someone in bike groped me in BTM.. the road was empty but it was not fully darked.. and it was not a small road only. i thought i will reach to bustop early by that road. that person came in bike and groped me.. i ws shocked.. and dont know what to do...