Sunday, January 22, 2012

Un Cultural fest

There's anything but culture in cultural fests. In Kerala these item numbers have become shortcut to reservation in premiere institutes, opportunities in movies and status symbols. The kids are not even trained properly and a crash course is done.

To add to the vulgarity results are fudged. Then there is back door influences, protests and dirty scenes. Anything other than what ought to be seen in kids.

Last day a kid, interestingly turned out to be a neighbor did a piece on an advocate. This advocate appeares for a psycho path and earned wrath of the state. The criminal was hanged ultimately.

The boy did a role on the daughter of advocate, saying how he detested being her daughter.

I can't believe the abyss to which people plunge for stardom. The advocate did something heroic by trying to get maximum justice for a psychopathic rapist. It was fully in accordance with the law. Targeting a person just because he doesn't conform to your values is hypocrisy.

Kerala is well known for hypocritic notions. But at least the parents ought to or the media ought to draw a line. Deriving pleasure at other's expense - what sort of culture!!


Andahlucya. said...

The drama class has to start in school and everybody should have a chance to try out for a role in a play that wants to not just a selected few like in Iceland.

BK Chowla, said...

Most of these events are part of "event managment cos".Its allabout bottom line. And, why not?