Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sweet chat going sour

I write this with a slight apprehension that my college mates are going to recognize the protagonist. Still it makes an interesting warning to all the desperate boys out there who vent it out on Facebook at dark hours of night

We had a rockstar friend guy in college, who shot to prominence through a TV program. And as the stars do , he dumped his cute girlfriend, drove her to depression.

He ran around a few hot chics and last heard he got engaged to a colleague. The guy was chatting with a lady who flew to USA. He declared ' Somehow I want to get laid before getting married '.

The lady wasn't impressed and has gone around publicizing the poor boy's sweet dreams.

Lesson : Think before you chat


Anonymous said...

Silly Boy!

It beggars belief but everyone loves sotries about celebrities (noe matter how minor) behaving badly. If you or I made such a comment who would care?

Rachna said...

Agree with Jane. Silly boy! Sometimes,a big mouth can come back to haunt you in the long run.