Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's complicated

I was browsing through relationship status options in Facebook. I were getting bored of I'm single. It was time for a change. Then came an option : It's complicated.

I wondered what was so complicated.

Back in childhood there was this relationship 'Kutti' and 'Dosthi'. It meant nothing but , in today's terms , Friend nd Unfriend. And it was indicated by the little finger or the V sign respectively. There were no in betweens or extremes. And it was so easy , you give your sharpener or eraser or pencil you are dosti or else kutti .
Today the TV and advertisements have injected the love element into it. I don't still understand the logic.

What I believe is relationships are never meant to be complicated- just a kutti or dosti.

1 comment:

Andahlucya. said...

You're so BORING ho hum and typical male on Twitter chasing all those young girls there,I'm surprised you'd ever even change your status update on Facebook from SINGLE to either for all your friends to see to STAGE A DRAMA.