Monday, February 13, 2017


Years ago February 14th was a dayI would look forward to. Atleast till the end of the day.

Every single 14th of Feb I hoped someone would walk to me with the red rose. It was said that hitched couples should cometo college in white dress and singles in black ones.

In the mornings I looked on with jealousy as the guys in white shirt and blue jeans proudly showed off their Valentines day gifts. They went into some fancy coffee shops in the evenings and proudly proclaimed their love.

Decades have just gone by. I wonder if they regret having spent all the money and time on some girl whom they would never marry.
Today I don't have anything much to write. The last day someone messaged in anonymous mode about dozens of girlfriends I have. How far removed, very far removed.

Anyway enjoy guys , have a good fuck