Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Mornings 20/05/2013

Hey guys how was your weekend?

Mine Sunday started off with sadness . I failed in the certification course. Every colleague passed and I'm left out. The reason is I can't put my mind to study . I appreciate people who can. I don't know what to come up with when parents ask for the result . This is second straight time . Now I feel like quitting all this shit .

Meanwhile I browsed through the newspaper and found a friend from school who cleared civil services. She cleared her medicine with top rank & now this. How do these people do it !!

Evening we hit the reception of a college mate. Met a load of old friends. Time pass by so fast. I have doubts in my capablity to lead a family. I told this to my folks & resulted in so much tears

So much for the rant . Hope we all have a great week

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Mornings 15/05/2013

How are you doings jellybeans?

The papers and Twitter is filled with Angelina Jolie doing masetotocomy ( spelt wrong , I know ) . I was saddened by the thought of those beautiful boobs. I expressed my sadness bit loudly and was nearly raped in Twitter.

In the morning I met our dear scientist from ISRO. Now ISRO is a place filled with 90% losers who are paid obscenely. They then get their loser sons to the ship & secure the family . Since those guys are supposed to be doing some great service we aren't supposed to question .

So he is this guy I avoid at all costs . But today he runs after me and asks : how does it feel
I : I feel good
He : no I was asking how do u feel about the way I look

Wanted to say u look pathetic , ended up saying: Sir you look great !!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Good mornings 13/05/2013

How you been darlings?

I was off to attend a wedding yesterday. All I wanted was to register my presence & get back to office . Surprisingly ended up meeting some old friends & ended up catching up for a couple of hours. All are married & got kids. 'Uncles' by standard definition. Huh time flies...

The Malayalam papers are filled with dirty factionalism in communist party. Saddened by the collapse of a party that lived by example.

Meanwhile English papers report absurd news as ManU buying both Cesc & Ronaldo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Mornings 13/05/2013

How you all doing ? How was your weekends?

I attempted the first part of a three set exam on Sunday . Not that I'm so keen to hold the diploma but it has become part of an ego .

Meanwhile one of my second cousin got married to a filthy rich daughter of some pastor . Now he has got money & God on his side.

I hit the gym today after some two years. It feels so good to feel your muscles creak .

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good mornings 07/05/2013

Hey Dudes

The new boss is determined to win award for the biggest asshole

Last year I'm finding out that I can do things I hate most. It's been a kind of self undoing . When I see my contemporaries in position they love , I wonder what my mistake is .

Meanwhile the Malayalam daily comes up with Nayanthara in bare minimum . Made my day

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good mornings 6/5/2013

Hey guys , great to see you all

After two years of roaming I'm back in town ... From now its days of mom's food , gym , music

But new job will be pretty tough & manager is a great son of a bitch

I'm joining today , wish me luck