Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Mornings 281011

Again I have been moved to do a back office job- data entry. When none of the permanent employees are willing or bored to do anything, they ive it to the ‘unconfirmed’ ones. And lovingly they hang a Damocles sword over us.

Yesterday we came across something interesting midway. Endosulphan has been a burnin issue in our society. It is an insecticide sprayed in the cashew nut estates. Sadly many people fell victim to its side effects and were maimed for life. There was much hue and cry and protests. In midst of this people go on a fund raising mission- abroad and home. One such account handled by the DYFI saw a balance of a cool 8 crores. Everything in credit and a very few debits. Interestingly the sole operator is a beloved MLA. I am not crying foul play. But 8 crore lying unused is a shame and humiliation on the lives of whom you did the fund raising.

Besides our food inflation is peaking to all time high. The most alarming is Forbes found out the net worth of our rich men are falling down. God save our rich. Oh god please please protect the Ambanis, Mittals, Bhatias and TATAs

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy art thou O corporates

India is turning out to be a haven for the rich- legal or illegal. As soon as you make money, you get elevated to the list of untouchables. Neither the government machinery nor the media dare touch you. Same goes the story for the holy men – TATA and Ambani. Never mind the method they employ, as long as crores are made let’s be happy.

I went through the Frontline yesterday. Agreed they are clearly a leftist minded paper and can corrupt your views with ‘red’ thoughts. But thinking about it again, the agitation at Maruti received very little coverage in national media. What concerned us more were the loss the giant manufacturer would end up with and stock markets dipping. Did anyone report the news from the angle of workers? The ‘neutral’ stand has become diluted neutral. If the reports in the article is right, we are losing our freedom to organize. India is fast deteriorating into a banana republic controlled by the corporate.

The Wall Street agitation spreading through the world seems to be of a no issue to us. And least of all we don’t bother about WikiLeaks and the revolution they triggered. For us the poster boys are still Zuckerberg and Jobs.

We celebrate Anna protests with all pomp and gusto while we conveniently forget the Radia tapes and all the sweet talks the big man TATA made. From the looks of it I wont be surprised if the Wall Street shifts to India for safe functioning.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Mornings 251011

Yesterday we had another party. This time it was for the high profile car dealers. The whole purpose was to channel the loans towards us. I was never ready for the statistics they were about to throw at us. Almost half the people going in for the luxury vehicles bought it with ready cash. They never bothered about loans or tax savings. Imagine in a country where there is hue and cry over black money, its not just the politicians who play foul. There is a significant section raising the bar higher and higher.

Today or tomorrow RBI is going for another rate hike. The common man will find it difficult to repay his loans. More pressure is going to descend on financial sector. Meanwhile the government has issued a directive by which panchayats can park their grants on new generation banks. It’s a ‘choice’. Here is a government trying to kill competition and making it increasingly favorable for the private players.

Meanwhile I have decided to support Assange in his time of crises.

There seems to be no good news to brighten up the day. Hope trends will reverse as day wearies on

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Mornings 21102011

The world will wake upto the gruesome pictures of a bleeding Gaddafi. The Arab spring has brouht down one more despotic dictator. But is it going to be replaced by another one or a western puppet. Only time will tell. Man ruled like a king. Look at the way he died. The world saw quite a lot somersaults on the moralistic stand. The evil dictator suddenly turned the hero and symbol of revolution when NATO came in.

Every morality is a pseudo morality

As for the Indian team there was a somersault in its fortunes, when the much harassed team turned victors. Dhoni can be back to his haughty self again. Wonder what will the analysts say who blamed it all on 'Over Cricket'. IPL and BCCI lords can heave a sigh of relief.

On other side team Anna continues to disappoint, when Kiran Bedi did her silly little naughty things. More and more skeleton have started falling out of the cupboard. May be its just not the politics alone that is corrupt

Monday, October 17, 2011

Good mornings 18102011

It was eerie in the dark to walk with a heavy package on my backpack. But I had no other choice. Dad said the house was going to be painted. I had to move up my old trunk. May be he had a small clue and this might have been a warning to remove the naughty things out from the trunk. It was long before I had access to internet and computer. My friend introduced me to what can be called as 'cheap porn'. They didn't cost much, had raunchy voluptous figures and erotic stories. I did up a fairly big collection and even fantasized being a writer. Although I no longer used them, I couldn't simply make up my mind to throw it away, due to an unknown sentimental attachment. Now the skeletons had to go out of the cupboard and that too secretly. So I risked darkness, humiliation and reptiles to dispose off my darlings. Now I no longer have them. Woe unto the muncipal cleaner.

I seriously think there should be some sort of place where you can burn your past.

Tonight I am attempting an adventure. I don't want to disclose it in advance lest it backfires. Wait for me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Drinks Party

Yesterday, our chief threw a party for our car dealers. An average Indian with sky high dream walks into a car showroom to buy something he can’t afford. These boys direct them to us for loans. As a symbol of gratitude and future hopes our chief threw up a party for them.

Our new chief is a jovial man and he didn’t compromise on food or liquor. The boys weren’t highly paid and they were in a mood to let loose when the drinks are on the house. As soon as the chief finished his short welcome everyone fell on the drinks. The four of us representing the bank has to show decency. So we watched them literally tearing down the food as well as the house while we slowly sipped our whisky. Sadly we not much of the food or dessert was left for us and we had to wait till the last one left. One guy vomited all over the hotel. Right from the dining hall to the stairs, elevators and even the Car Park.

When the tongues were let loose the boys told us how ‘respectable’ banks like HDFC lure in the non income group. They give these people loans who have no means to repay. And if the poor car owner defaults, there are specialized ‘recovery’ officers who appear at the door step the very next day. In other world the recovery guys would have been called goons.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Mornings 11102011

Today my colleague got a life time opportunity. He’s got a chance to process the car loan of a film ‘starlet’. He will have to go meet her at the residence to collect the signatures (VIP customer). The ‘normal’ man would have had to make quite a few sojourns to the bank to get his car. That is the country for the ‘common’ man.

I went through her application (application too were collected from her residence). The dad doesn’t have a college education. She has a graduation. Owning a 15L car would have been a dream had it not been for the tinsel town. How many people saw their dreams bloom on screen. How many more saw it being shattered.

I just finished watching (or rather skipping through) the greatest Hindi movie ever- Band Baja Barat. I still haven’t understood what is so great about the movie as I saw many bloggeres giving rave reviews. Will write more about it. No worries.

India Inc. has come up with another letter to the government with so goody-goody advices. Removing environmental clearances for the ‘growth’ and cleaning out corruption. Wow!