Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tweet world today

Tweets can be very interesting as long as we have the attention craving 'stars'. Or else its another boring day with bored people retweeting.

It seems the horoscope for Twitter looks pretty good this week. First, Mr.Maken has suddenly turned a philanthropist when he learnt Yuvaraj Singh is going to USA to fight cancer.

The papers have been pitching in with front page coverage. Some interested people have corelated Yuvi's parents staying apart with his cancer. Anyways our country needs cricketers and film stars for any good thing. And Maken , as he had promised, all kinds of help started searching for the best Chicken soups. I had hoped someone would do a century and do a teary eyed dedication to Yuvi. But from looks of it o don't see it coming any time soon.

Today the Twitter world went absolute bombastic and fantastic. Apparently someone called Ayesha Takia's lil sister got pissed off when King Fisher cancelled a flight. Poor girl didn't know King Fisher had already made it a hobby in India for sometime.

Now the sweet girl chose to tweet her sister rather than ringing her up. Some mischief minded naughty boys retweets to Jr King.

Now they ought to have known junior has role in running the company other than playing Devdas for free beer. He asks 'Ayesha who?' Well the Ayesha fans would take none of it. They logged in and started teaching junior a lesson of his life. And I even read tweets giving Ayesha strength at time of her need

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