Monday, November 28, 2011


Today there was a farewell party for the colleague. Down here men retire from government service at 60. There were a few designated to say ‘good’ words about the departing colleagues. The guy was setting apart the rest of his life to things he couldn’t do in real life. One was reading up all the books he missed in his last 40 years. The item number two was a dream project, some sort of cultivation in a far off land.

It confuses me why people have to wait till 60 to chase their ‘dreams’. May be yes, we have too much to worry in this miserable life. Its hard to live in a third world country. But then there are youths who get inspired by Hollywood and the new age Bollywood. I met a blogger friend, who wanted to do that. Chasing dreams are far removed from film.

The movie star’s only dream is to churn money and the Bollywood kids are merely there thanks to sugar daddies. Dreams are passions are so close to the tender most part of heart. When you chase them you have a risk of losing them. Better leave them alone.

And another kind of revolution is going on- tweeple revolution, is what some people refer it to. Apparently a dam is going to burst it seems drowning half of Kerala. A filmstar (pretty one) joins the fight and now there are millions of guys asking her to retweet, sign digital memos, standing behind her. Gone are the days when Churchill asked for blood. Today’s revolution needs RETWEET

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Save our DAM

Kerala seems to be on the verge of abyss. A pre-historic dam is about to burst in its seams and drown the poor Mallu. It wont eliminate the race as you can see Mallu all around the globe. The crux of the problem is ego clash between the neighboring states. Tamils who find divinity in everything Tamil, made it a prestige issue. With 35 seats from TN compared to 20 from Kerala Centre is reluctant to take a pro-Kerala stand.

Now the people in Kerala have got a shot in the arm when the stars (film stars) descended to join the fight. They have joined the youngsters and the battlefield is mainly twitter and Facebook.

Then the battle hardened soldiers meet up in posh malls to salvage the situation.

Sadly the national media is not at all bothered and Harvinder Singh took wind out of the picking momentum when he slapped Sharad Pawar.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Run down to weekend

I have been out of here for some time. The main reason being a dearth of ideas, laziness and some bad habits.

I got a (temporary) flat mate last week. He wasn’t as bad as I expected. I had to confine my belongings to a single room, which serves as my bedroom and now resembles a trash bin.

Sharing space can be a very trying experience. And if the other person isn’t willing to accommodate your interests, it can be hell. Thankfully all has gone well and Peace!!!

Then there was a new age product campaign for the bank. There was a lot of travel involved and marketing is seen with suspicion and distrust.

I met s friend over the blogger. I asked her ‘Are you good looking’. She found it to be very inappropriate and called it quits. Well, this is not the first time and I seem to be really driving women mad.

Another interesting observation- Right after the marriage the fac`ebook is filled with beautiful, romantic stills of the couple together. Within months the profile picture goes back to single. How reflective FB account is of one’s personality.

There are very few characters that stay etched from childhood. Tintin is one. And I am greatly pleased to see him come alive on screen. I am planning to go for it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King of good times

Until a few days ago, he was my hero. He was the one I wanted to be. I marveled at his lavish parties. I used to go to library to get hope of his magazine. His annual calendar was the dream of every teenager.

By now you would've made out.who the hero is. The Kingfisher beer was lifeline for many. Figuring out a majority in the country drinks, he would be virtually controlling most.of the country. This was obvious when he won undisputed to Rajyasabha winning votes of both the sides.

And then he moved onto sports. His franchises were a pauper success - football, cricket, motor sports. Suddenly he was the businessman the country. A benevolent guy who didn't mind having a great time and shares the spoils with poor countrymen.

Now he seems to be a butt of jokes- just because one of the ventures didn't click. Our government seems to be spoiling the party by doing their best to help. I don't know how to describe rulers who don't mind the national carrier going broke, but are too eager to help Kingfisher. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


After a brief absence, here I come back again. I am on the process of preparing myself for another examination. And that really sucks. Meanwhile I got a late night partner to chat with. Well the topic is quite enjoyable- sexuality. Hence I get little time to think about blogging.

The papers have been celebrating the arrest of a leader for publicly violating the court order. The High court had passed an order banning all meetings on public places. Obstruction to public- that was the rational. Today I and thousands of others working and staying at the heart of Kochi had to walk for miles. Reason being Vice President was passing by and hence nothing that moves could move along the roads. The few buses were over crowded and it almost turned a nightmare. Now isn’t this a public nuisance?

And just imagine a President who freezes the public life to inaugurate a private five star hotel. The common man’s wage is gone while she gets paid handsomely for it.

Last week I was more awed than alarmed when Manmohan responded even Diesel has to be deregulated. He doesn’t even bother about the common man who was simply stunned by the hike a few hours ago. Well he is not insensitive as an individual. He is just a part of the giant ruling wheel, that keeps rolling without any sense of empathy for the common man. And thankfully the common man is quick to be awed and slow to react.

We claim to be a democracy and have we ever noticed we produce an elite class election after election. Are we moving towards an oligarchy?

Friday, November 4, 2011

It was just a no-ball

Yesterday we read one of the most poignant statements in cricketing history. That came from a man punished for fixing a few balls. We would have acquired the role of judges sighing at his karma. May be even sniggering.

The boy was extremely talented and just 19. Life just started out for him and showed him many promises. The boy knew how difficult it was going to be to survive in Pakistan. He didn't want to go back to the scum he came from. So when his Captain asked him to put in a no-ball, he agreed. He didn't have much choices, did he? May be he promised to atone the sins by bowling stronger or even revealing facts when he cements his place.

It was a small compromise. Even the whistle blower has been wound up for illegal practices. How often we comprise in real life. How many transactions have I passed. I simply can't run around checking the veracity. We simply don't have time. One day we may get screwed. Until then we have no choice

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Mornings 04112011

Ernakulam can get onto your nerves at times. If the city doesnt the flash rains will do that for sure. I am back to my student days preparing for an exam just days away. Our system has totally taken out the joy of studying. It encourages only the geeks. Free thinking is totally out. The funny part is ultimately people who runs the system wouldn’t have burnt the midnight oil. As King Solomon said ‘Pointless’. I am also beating back my body to shape. The past few days have seen me ushering in a bit of discipline.

My cousin came down after his Masters in UK. He was describing how so easy it is to get laid there. I had to listen with a tinge of sadness. Guess we attach so much value to morality down here.

When the barrel doesn’t, value of rupee does. I am talking about the petrol hike again. Our system has atleast injected feeling of indifference. No one are bothered any longer. In the process of natural selection, one more gets eliminated. A farmer committed suicide unable to pay off his debts. Does the government think human race is going to eat electronic chips in the future?