Monday, January 30, 2012

Untolerable Cassanova

Casanova a much hyped Mohan Lal starrer released a few days back. 30 crores is an unheard of sum in Kerala. The Prince of Romance was said to charm everyone into love. The release got delayed again and again raising the blood pressure levels. The director, the famous Roshan Andrews (hey, he keeps adding a letter to his name after every movie. The name sounds like it, but cant assure you the spelling) was only asked the release date of the film in every public place. In the end it was released on the Reoublic Day. Lal spotted trendy clothes, drove trendy bikes, dated trendy ladies, flew in planes and preached love. He did all the dance forms he was left do with in his career,

The public went in with so much expectation. They came out and the stupefied silence spoke it all.So I am summarizing a few thoughts representing everyone who lost their money

Dear Prince charming,
cinema is not for money laundering and womanizing. Mughals had thousands of women in their harem. Its not because they women were charmed in hordes. Its because they were left with little option. Its not exactly machismo to cast girls one third your age. Remember at times you’re not making films for Tamil, they don’t know you. Don’t believe what the newspapers say, you are a buffoon in cricket field.

I have been reading Golden Khelas. Think about it our actors, across India, they do everything xcept acting. They sell products, they do fashion show, body show, porn show, beauty show. They do everything except acting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Banana Republic day

The first thing to do on a republic morning - pick up the morning newspaper to watch out for the loser who paid to get a PadmaSri.

Last year a Malayalam actor Jayaram got himself nominated from TamilNadu. I don't think he has acted even in 5 Tamil films. After the function, he explained how overjoyed he was... Thanking god, gurus and all the emotional atyachars accompanied.

Now its the turn for Priyadarsan. God knows what his contributions are apart from English inspired cinema. And doing some ads, owning a cine stars cricket league

The signs of banana republic becomes obvious when space scientists wash their dirty linen in a free for all. ISRO was once renowned agency and the rare government outfit that made us proud

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Un Cultural fest

There's anything but culture in cultural fests. In Kerala these item numbers have become shortcut to reservation in premiere institutes, opportunities in movies and status symbols. The kids are not even trained properly and a crash course is done.

To add to the vulgarity results are fudged. Then there is back door influences, protests and dirty scenes. Anything other than what ought to be seen in kids.

Last day a kid, interestingly turned out to be a neighbor did a piece on an advocate. This advocate appeares for a psycho path and earned wrath of the state. The criminal was hanged ultimately.

The boy did a role on the daughter of advocate, saying how he detested being her daughter.

I can't believe the abyss to which people plunge for stardom. The advocate did something heroic by trying to get maximum justice for a psychopathic rapist. It was fully in accordance with the law. Targeting a person just because he doesn't conform to your values is hypocrisy.

Kerala is well known for hypocritic notions. But at least the parents ought to or the media ought to draw a line. Deriving pleasure at other's expense - what sort of culture!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy scriptures

Partly out or need I have been boarding with my fiercely Catholic aunt for some time. The sumptuous food and free boarding , I am enjoying it.

Today evening, I had a chance to quietly chew on the pecuilar ideological shift welcomed by the church. The church seeing the tastes of the flock have ventured into new arenas. Once the same church used to feed the flock with the grass it prescribed. Now the church grows the grass the sheep likes. A small step for mankind a giant leap for church.

Church moved into TV broadcasting seeing the influence of visual media on sensory organs of the flock. It has become almost as mandatory as a rosary to watch the church run channels.

I saw a program today- a bible quiz. The quiz master winded up the show by exhorting to keep reading the scriptures. Irony is not so many years ago, church totally banned lay man from reading bible. Bible was for the trained personnel. Martin Luther was termed heretic, Satanic, drunkard. Today church is championing same thing Luther demanded.

Is religion a mere method of convenience?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love in the texts

Its late into night. Both the SMSes are about to crash into bed

I: One last qn. Why haven’t u fallen in love yet? Why have the boys spared u, with all the killer looks.

She: :D Have u ever fallen in love?

I: Yes, I have fallen and I have hurt myself

She: Y? What went wrong?

I : Nothing. I didn’t have the courage to tell her. Besides I fell in love with bachelorhood

She: So she never known?

Me: No




I: Hey an advice… Should I tell her how much I love her. But I cant marry so soon. I need time.

She: Its up to you to decide.

I start thinking furiously. May be if I tell her, I would lose a great friend, a great bitch, But at some point of time you need to take the risk and live with it The Send button was longest ever I clicked

Me: Jasmone I Love You

The first time I proposed anyone in life. Wish it was bit more romantic!! But ‘She’ is a tough nut to crack

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life in a metro

In ernakulam the service roads can be busier than the main roads. To top it, there will be some idiots parking his car and totally blocking the traffic. It's completely a no parking zone. But while in India we flaunt the rules and glorify the disciplined Europeans.

Me and my friend were returning from dinner when we saw a commotion and got out to check. A couple , apparently a new A-star, parked their car blocking the traffic. A bike-man returning from work allegedly retaliated by scratching the side with the key.

The people took sides and the crude auto wallahs claimed they saw the biker scratching. Things heated up and the girl in the car had more nerves then her husband. She was giving gaalis with a vengeance driving the stupified crowd to silence. Things nearly went to fisticuffs.

If people behaved with a little understanding and compassion, we.could have very well avoided these incidents. Our metros are very fast degenerating to violence and anarchy. The underlying factor is poor quality of life in proportion to the income

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I met her in the train once again. She was the last person I thought I would meet aain. She had migrated to Mumbai, that’s what I heard from a friend. She was sexy as usual. Indeed, much more sexy than the last time I saw her.

So when this hot girl fell in love with the hottest Muslim boy in college it did create a ruckus. To top it all she came from a ultra God fearing protestant family. The public smooching and groping was a matter of discussion through the campus.

In the end when he confessed cheating her, I thought she would go nuts. She simply refused to believe anyone telling her about seeing him with someone else. In the end she had to believe when he dumped her.

Resilience is the word that comes to my mind. People survive after a crash. But how well they pick up is the key to success.