Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy independence day you all

Happy Independence day to one and all. Narendra Modiji would have delivered his first Red fort speech by now. A dream come true for him

For the past fe days my TL has been littered with requests from patriotic Indian to change my DP into tri-colour. My whatsapp and Twitter pages are filled with patriots. Why this over expression for patriotism I don't understand. Added to that all government employees have been asked to assemble at sharp 8 and raise the flag. I am a little low on patriotism so didn,t go
It is yet to be seen if the stimulation of nationalistic feeling is a method to gain sanction for everything a particlar individual doe, with the rhetoric that it's for good of the nation!

My next two weeks will be filled with Marriage parties. I guess they chose the Independence week as a moment to shed independence. What a joke
Anyways some of the last  in the list of yet-to-be-marrried is getting married off

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The daily thought- Enough Money

More and more of my friends come up with the wonderful idea of 'investing'. No one is happy with having a bank balance. Everyone wants to start a business or invest it somewhere.

I have known this guy for years. He has been telling me his conquests in equity market. He asked me to seriously think about starting a business where I can offer my advises for people to invest.Well, it sounds cool.

After almost a week  return home and took up the newspaper . Kerala police has launched 'operation kubera' to inish off the money lenders aka blade mafia. This was prompted by a family suicide involving 5. The family had borrowed some 40 lakhs from different people.

I browsed through a few papers and came to know that the son had borrowed 40 lakhs to invest in share market
It seems 'enough money' is the new oxymoron

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Film to miss - Queen

It's been quite a while since I have seen a movie. So a fiend calls me out for one. In the last minute there comes a change of plan and we go for the 'Queen'.

At first I thought it might be some English movie on the life of Queen Elizabeth , but alas, no. This movie was meant to be done sometime in 80's. If you've been following the 'popular' Hindi films for the last two years, you better give this a miss.

The  girl is from Delhi, but straight out of history text book. So she always pleats her hair , wear salwaar and studies Home Sciene (yeah ther's a course with the name. She never ever touched alcohol, haven't seen condom and thinks that dildos are used to give heart patients a massage. Before I forget, yes she's a Punjabi like every other movie.

So a chocolate guy, who's-not-that-famous-yet, seduces her. But he is typical Indian guy and dominates her. She is ready to sacrifice everythin. Marriage is fixed and you know what....

Yea, he ditches her. She is broken but she had a dream of going to Paris for honeymoon and you know what...

Yea she goes for honeymoon alone. The Delhi girl doesn't know French and speaks English like Russian and is fully clothed all the time and you know what....

She meets up with a girl who is not at all clothed, drinks and smokes all the time, who has a 6 year old something boy ( who is her life but still don't come on the screen as Mom has to attend rave party every night). Of course, half her parent is Indian so she speaks fluent Angrezi hindi and you know what....

Our desi girl accidentally drinks some alcohol during a rave part she bumped into. Suddenly the French pub plays some old Hindi kinky song and our desi actress shakes her boots and she learns she can be independent

Since our Desi girl has flown to Europe, she will have to retrieve her identity by beating the whites and you know what...

Director packs her off to Amsterdam where she wns a cooking competition. She french kisses a white guy and she is fully confident now but you know what....

Her old boy friend comes in search for her. She discovers she ought to be at a Rock Show... End of the Story

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The daily Thought- Broken Glass Windows

It;s very difficult to keep up with an initiative however small it is. But it's good to have some discipline

The last day I was reading a bok written bya close confidante of Hitler. He was Hitler's chief architect and in no ways involved in any millitary or ideological decision of the Nazi regime

He says in the book how he and his fellow Germans saw the broken glasses of jewish shops, when the repressions sarted, and chose to walk away. They did so because they did not want to be bothered or they thougt Hitler meant only good for the country

Today we are surrounded by the images of the broken windows and we choose to walk away. I'm sure we are going to regret soon

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The daily thought- Back from a trip

Hello there

I not been into the space for the last two days. Reason was a few days ago a good friend pinged- We plaaned a sudden trip to Palakkad

So I dropped everything and set off to Palakkad. Reached here  today morning. The first thing that struck me was the cold wind. The wind had been blkwing through out the day. No wonder these guys buikd windmills.

We set off to a mini trekking. We did it some 5 years ago when we had come to attend a wedding. And here we are all single.

Signed off the trip with Apple flavoured vodka

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Daily Diary- Orange Comrades

Here's a quick post. Don't want to lose the habit so soon.

For the first time I browsed through Google Books. Quite surprised that e-books cost as much as hard copies.

Which means books are not priced by the papers but by brand built by the Author. The rule applies for any product-tangible or intangible

Meanwhile the hardcore communists are getting ready to welcome breakaway faction of Modi loyalists. They have some lame excuses to go with it as well. BJP is not bad also. The party who calls Congress as corrut has some rife corruption inside it!!!

Anarchy or not I prefer AAp

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Daily Diary- TP murdered by just 12

Today morning I made a decison to post somthing daily on the blog. For that I purchased a not so cheap bluetooth keypad

Thank God I am kicking off a good habit

The morning newspapers were splashed with the news of court judgement of murder of prominent political leader. So much arguments flying to and fro. Political murders are bread and butter for a large sction of the ruling class. No a single ncident has become a touchy affair for the entire population. Quite funny

Good thing is the people high above the ladder has escaped unscathed. God bless the magistrate