Sunday, February 12, 2012

EPL gupshups

Ahh. Another incident filled premiership week. And in this otherwise bored and lackluster week, its a change.

Arsenal would have had another forgettable week hadn't Henry come and dine his part. May be we might not see him in red and white colors after the Champions League. What a star , what a legend, what a man.

May be scums like Suarez and Evra take a few lessons from him. The whole English is after poor Kop man. Nobody sees any wrong in Evra antics. It has become a fashion for the English media and pundits to glorify the deeds of Ferguson and his boys.

I saw the legendary Webb's decision against Chelsea and wonder how on earth he pointed to penalty spot. Webb is a danger to football. He single handedly ruined WC finals. Hope we don't see him somewhere nearby.

And AVB's cup of woes never seems to run short. Poor guy has to play a team he never made. Chelsea is like a naked man running around the pitch waiting to be raped

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