Thursday, August 16, 2012

U are in show time

When it comes to hypocrisy and moral supremacy , no one can beat a Mallu.

We have this penchancy for the fake American Malayalam accent where you roll your tongue and make all words ineligible. Somehow Malayalee developed a fetishism for it and worked hard for this phony accent.

There was this long running Reality show anchor. A very successful program. Although not so very good looking, she had this cool attitude and a very fake nasal accent which hit the Malayalee at his G spot. The program was a superhit and the anchor was made inevitable part of it... Ranjini Haridas.

Recently I watched a YouTube video labelled Ranjini the arrogant. It was a show in another channel were she graciously volunteered to sit on the dais for a character assasination.. And so called laymen vociferously fighting for and against her. And she was dressed in boots and skin tight jeans egging them on...about her outspokeness , drinking , sex..

All the private channels have done one good thing for the public. A push and shove race where the average man can be the superstar provided he has a verbal diahorrea

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good mornings 10082012

Opening the newspaper is a horror these days. The glum mood is spreading through out the globe.

1. The so called missionary Yohanan collaborates with government to a massive land grabbing
2. A jawan suicides unable to stand the torture of his officers. Imagine Indian army is most disciplined and resilient. The barracks rises in rebellion.
3. A married lady and her mother conspires to kill the father as he opposed her extra marital affair.
4. The elected representatives and ministers come out openly in support of illegal estates and resorts.
5. The home minister of worlds largest democracy is clueless about his job

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In me

Yesterday a friend asks me , Why you getting to be talking less these days!
I am discovering there's a inner self hidden from all, which might not be very pleasant. I'm discovering its no use fighting it. Rather I will have to come in to terms with it.