Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pointless world

കാള പെറ്റതു കേട്ടു കയ൪ എടുത്തു
കയ൪ എടുത്തതു കേട്ടു കാള പെറ്റു
കാളയെ കറക്കാന്‍ പശു വന്നു
അതു കണ്ട പൂവന്‍ മുട്ടയിട്ടു

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweet Chat

My colleague who sits next to me asks, " Do you know Mr G".
Ofcourse I know him. A mid aged perfect gentleman with a broad smile.
"Nothng more?"

"Well, he sends me a friends request."
I wondered why isn't he sending me one. Probabaly I don't have pretty tits.
"Then he pings every morning and night wishing Good morning and Good night. Now he wants my whatsapp number as well. I asked around a few other girls and all have the same experience too.'

What makes these men  sacrifice their social standing for a little 'sweet chat' with young girls!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Migration and society in Kerala

Yesterday I noticed a huge crowd in front of my office. The traffice was blocked and there was a mix of cacaphony in Hindi and Malayalam. I went near to see what the matter was.

Two menial workers from northern India was arguing about sharing their earnings. Soe local auto drivers piched in with various suggestions and some even shouting beating both of them as a solution.

Things have come to such an extent that there is absolutely no one to do even the kitchens in Kerala. We are absolutely dependent on the migrant popultion for everything.

Strangely it is not the menial wok alone. Last day I saw a pitch black malayali lady walking along with a handsome guy with northern Eastern features and seems to be in love. Yes, we may see them marrying our daughters too.
In near future we re sure to witness mor social tensions and conflicts. Jisha murder case must just be a beginning.