Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stories from the cockpit

Have you heard of girls speaking disgustedly about guys who do public exhibitionism. Ah well I am one who doesn't do it in public but have done a few in private.

I  derive considerable pleasure talking sex or remotely sexual topic online. Thanks to the deluge of social media, I have never been starved off the pleasure.

Many of my office colleagues and friends have been subject to my weird engagement. I have lost count, but quite a handful have seen my little guy in different stages of erection. Some have outright blocked me, some have threatened and some just curious.

I am writing this because I haven't posted anything stupid in a while. A few weeks ago I found this wonderful person in Twitter. I tried many things to heckle her off and sometime ago (although unintended) she had to see my little guy.

The poor thing might not have seen anything uglier in life and I thought she might have said fuck off. But no being the wonderful person she's, she still speaks to me.

All I want to say is , it's quite lucky to land up with a great friend

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rich Catch

The last day the dinner table at our humble home was set on fire when Mom let out the juicy gossip of the day. The middle-class-average profiled- Christian- guy is marrying the daughter of  a filthy rich Hindu abkari contractor.

The filthy rich businessman belongs to a famously notorious family. He donned the garb of anti-corruption crusader and then married his other daughter to the son of most corrupt minister in the state. Now you may have got some idea of who is who in the story?

I wondered who might the lucky guy be, who hit the jackpot as Dad went bonkers about the Christians youths drifting away from the religion doing inter caste marriages. Apparently long long long ago Israelites were entrapped by their neighbourhood enemies by seducing them into sexual orgy with women of other faith. I spent good part  of my childhood wondering about men who sacrificed their women for the orgies and Israeli women who sat at home and baked breads as their husbands came back home tired after hard day of orgy.

Let us move away from the orgy and come to the point. Dad went on and on about the lost souls. And I told him the dumb guy would make a fat donation and buy back his soul. What is it that money can’t do?



Monday, February 13, 2017


Years ago February 14th was a dayI would look forward to. Atleast till the end of the day.

Every single 14th of Feb I hoped someone would walk to me with the red rose. It was said that hitched couples should cometo college in white dress and singles in black ones.

In the mornings I looked on with jealousy as the guys in white shirt and blue jeans proudly showed off their Valentines day gifts. They went into some fancy coffee shops in the evenings and proudly proclaimed their love.

Decades have just gone by. I wonder if they regret having spent all the money and time on some girl whom they would never marry.
Today I don't have anything much to write. The last day someone messaged in anonymous mode about dozens of girlfriends I have. How far removed, very far removed.

Anyway enjoy guys , have a good fuck