Sunday, October 17, 2010

Specially Gifted or is it???

Hey guys this is something I came across my FB wall

I remember once someone telling me that a child with special needs is a special gift from God to special parents - to show others what "special" means! Salute! I salute everyone who is involved in supporting children with special needs - parents, teachers, the support systems! We care!

hai..i donno whether u r really telling it outta experience..i hav worked with children with DOWNs syndrome and cerebral palsy...their parents are frustarted and fed up...if they wud hav been given another chance by NATURE bfore the kid was... born,they wud have aborted it>>I AM TELLING FROM true life incidences..its easy to say all these...but reality me more precise reality SUCKS!!!!!In our country there are only few fulfleged support groups..The one run by marthoma sabha is pathethic..iF U R IN UK OR USA THEY HAVE SLIGHLY BETTER SUPPORT GROUPS...ONLY thing with the parents is that they can rationalize themselves with your above offence meant

u can detect all chrosome anomalies like DOWNs,patau's,edwards syndrome NOWADAYS very easily and cheaply from a wel equipped diagnostic centre through amniocenticis,tripple test etc at appropriate weeks of gestation in mother.Now,DOWNS SYND...ROME CAN BE AVOIDED thru proper genetic counselling..ITS no longer a costly affair.The only daughter of K.S.chitra the famour singer,IS A DOWN syndrome(mongoloid) KID.She has filed a case aginst a hospital in chennai for not detechting it earlier.The matter was settled outside court.So thru proper diagnostic tools,u can detect this anomalies and prevent the pregnancy..rather than suffer the whole life.

God does things with a purpose :) My comment only stems from that! If we think otherwise ... we will have to think God made a mistake!

i believe in GOD..but that doesnt mean that when i have a heart attack..i will sit in my house and wait for my fate...wen myy car is brokedown i ll thinbk it as my fate...wen my kid is sick ..i ll stuck myself infront of a photo and pray...hope u got my words...But REALITY...SUCKS..(the word F will be more appropriate)...sorry for those harsh words

Me: You guys are going to like this link

I have not gone through these situations. So I will not judge sitting on the fence. But it surely confuses me.
P.S: Farila is some one I always respect and is a very inspirational person.


Farila said...

Somehow reading this blog made me cry.. I know it has been tough bringing up my daughter who is with multiple disabilities, but today when I close my eyes and think it over, I am damn sure I would not abort her. I may not be a great singer but I am a fighter and I know the worth of life if not music.
I have always wondered throughout my ordeal why do people always say that about the children with special needs who cause no harm to society where as people like terrorists, rapists, drunkards and other anti-social elements are spared.
I am glad that you say I have inspired .. whereas all I have done is just taken my life one day at time without regrets. Accepting things as they are. I am an ordinary person with ordinary life.

RGB said...

Yeah, difficult to say, since we've not been in those "tough" situations. But it is definitely not easy. Some people emerge stronger, and some break down.

Destiny's child... said...

Even I don't know what to say or how to react. What VC says is easier said than done but then he/she has a point. One must come to terms with reality, if possible happily. That seems like the best way to go about it.

madamebutterfly said...

When my kids were small I knew a few women who had Special needs children. I have to say it depends entirely upon the personalities of the parents as to how the react. Some like your friend are loving and supportive, able to cope because deep within themselves they have a strength not all of us have. The majority, sadly, do not have that strength - they are angry, bitter full of why me? what have I done to deserve this? Your link was to a woman who has an inner strength and beauty that one can only envy - and the child was lucky to have been born into such a caring home.

simply me said...

hey congrats
your rating has improved in indi rank
and well how is that guest post progressing ???

Vencora said...

a friend of mine works with special needs students, and i spent a day in her classroom once. i found myself wondering what was going on inside the minds of these children, some of whom couldn't even move around by themselves. whatever they were thinking, we'd never know it.
the experience made me realize there could be things a soul learns living the life of a special needs individual that it might not learn otherwise.

BK Chowla, said...

It is a very sensitive subject.In my opinion, every child is very special and must be treated with a lot of care and love.

Mingled Minds said...

hey der.. thoughi agree that children with special needs are special, in this life of up's and downs people are so involved in their own life's that they hardly get time to attend to the special needs of others..and it's a fact..and it's not that easy as it sounds... a true example :-

A professor of my is having a kid with some congenital abnormality..the frustation is clear on her face..she says us
" The things that u students take 1 min to grasp it takes 2 weeks for her kid to grasp , so u should consider urself lucky enough to be normal." she run's b/w her job at the college then to the support group where her kid is getting help and home and then the house work, again attending to the child , preparing for lectures etc.... it definitely does'nt sound easy!!!!!
Final line: God has created everything with a reason, we are just not yet reached to the reason...
Nice subject!!!!

Rachna said...

Tough call to make and difficult to comment on something one has not been through. But, if told before the baby is born most of us would take the safe route of aborting the foetus.