Monday, January 30, 2012

Untolerable Cassanova

Casanova a much hyped Mohan Lal starrer released a few days back. 30 crores is an unheard of sum in Kerala. The Prince of Romance was said to charm everyone into love. The release got delayed again and again raising the blood pressure levels. The director, the famous Roshan Andrews (hey, he keeps adding a letter to his name after every movie. The name sounds like it, but cant assure you the spelling) was only asked the release date of the film in every public place. In the end it was released on the Reoublic Day. Lal spotted trendy clothes, drove trendy bikes, dated trendy ladies, flew in planes and preached love. He did all the dance forms he was left do with in his career,

The public went in with so much expectation. They came out and the stupefied silence spoke it all.So I am summarizing a few thoughts representing everyone who lost their money

Dear Prince charming,
cinema is not for money laundering and womanizing. Mughals had thousands of women in their harem. Its not because they women were charmed in hordes. Its because they were left with little option. Its not exactly machismo to cast girls one third your age. Remember at times you’re not making films for Tamil, they don’t know you. Don’t believe what the newspapers say, you are a buffoon in cricket field.

I have been reading Golden Khelas. Think about it our actors, across India, they do everything xcept acting. They sell products, they do fashion show, body show, porn show, beauty show. They do everything except acting.

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