Friday, February 24, 2012

Doctor's at home

The city simply astonishes you with its vivid images. I walked into a spectacles shop to get my glasses repaired and here is a optician who didn't bother to take his degrees.

People walk in here for glasses. He does the eye testing by trying on them every custom made frame he has and makes them read a handout. If he can read it then its the right one for his eyes.

So here we have done away with all the consultations, dilations, computerized testing and every procedure fitted into a small shop. I don't know how safe it is, but certainly safe than the idiots with a degree who prescribe a surgery even for a cold

Sunday, February 12, 2012

EPL gupshups

Ahh. Another incident filled premiership week. And in this otherwise bored and lackluster week, its a change.

Arsenal would have had another forgettable week hadn't Henry come and dine his part. May be we might not see him in red and white colors after the Champions League. What a star , what a legend, what a man.

May be scums like Suarez and Evra take a few lessons from him. The whole English is after poor Kop man. Nobody sees any wrong in Evra antics. It has become a fashion for the English media and pundits to glorify the deeds of Ferguson and his boys.

I saw the legendary Webb's decision against Chelsea and wonder how on earth he pointed to penalty spot. Webb is a danger to football. He single handedly ruined WC finals. Hope we don't see him somewhere nearby.

And AVB's cup of woes never seems to run short. Poor guy has to play a team he never made. Chelsea is like a naked man running around the pitch waiting to be raped

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The love meter

A few days back I got an sms claiming they will measure the probablity of my love succeeding.

I with great hope and faith send in mine and my sweetheart's name. For the sms I lost 5rupees.

To my great relief they replied that I am soon marrying my sweetheart. For the reply they deducted 15 bucks. Anyway 20 is not a great sum to lose for love.

But now every week they are sending me an sms saying 'thank u for subscribing' and are charging me 15 bucks. And u know who I am going to marry for this princely sum.....One and only......


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tweet world today

Tweets can be very interesting as long as we have the attention craving 'stars'. Or else its another boring day with bored people retweeting.

It seems the horoscope for Twitter looks pretty good this week. First, Mr.Maken has suddenly turned a philanthropist when he learnt Yuvaraj Singh is going to USA to fight cancer.

The papers have been pitching in with front page coverage. Some interested people have corelated Yuvi's parents staying apart with his cancer. Anyways our country needs cricketers and film stars for any good thing. And Maken , as he had promised, all kinds of help started searching for the best Chicken soups. I had hoped someone would do a century and do a teary eyed dedication to Yuvi. But from looks of it o don't see it coming any time soon.

Today the Twitter world went absolute bombastic and fantastic. Apparently someone called Ayesha Takia's lil sister got pissed off when King Fisher cancelled a flight. Poor girl didn't know King Fisher had already made it a hobby in India for sometime.

Now the sweet girl chose to tweet her sister rather than ringing her up. Some mischief minded naughty boys retweets to Jr King.

Now they ought to have known junior has role in running the company other than playing Devdas for free beer. He asks 'Ayesha who?' Well the Ayesha fans would take none of it. They logged in and started teaching junior a lesson of his life. And I even read tweets giving Ayesha strength at time of her need

Sunday, February 5, 2012

10crore wonder kid

Read the morning paper, stared at the tv. I failed to make any sense out of it. The morning newspaper proclaimed a new star worth 10crore and here he was bowling no balls and widest and full tosses.

As far as I remember he has been like that all his life. He does come back after comeback. (Well he has Agarkar for company.) He makes blunder after blunder. He still makes his comeback.

Now what is comeback meant by anyway. He's analysts' favorite as everyone is sure he will be a topic to feast for.

Now what kind of business model is this . 10crore for a piece of crap.