Friday, February 24, 2012

Doctor's at home

The city simply astonishes you with its vivid images. I walked into a spectacles shop to get my glasses repaired and here is a optician who didn't bother to take his degrees.

People walk in here for glasses. He does the eye testing by trying on them every custom made frame he has and makes them read a handout. If he can read it then its the right one for his eyes.

So here we have done away with all the consultations, dilations, computerized testing and every procedure fitted into a small shop. I don't know how safe it is, but certainly safe than the idiots with a degree who prescribe a surgery even for a cold


jane.healy said...

Over here you can pick up glasses with magnifying lenses over the counter of libraries, supermarkets etc. They are dirt cheap - my sister has 12 pairs ... all colour co-ordinated to go with her outfits! It's only if you need prescription lenses that you need to see an optican! I'm still a little dubious though

Rachna said...

Well I have my doubts.