Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Banana Republic day

The first thing to do on a republic morning - pick up the morning newspaper to watch out for the loser who paid to get a PadmaSri.

Last year a Malayalam actor Jayaram got himself nominated from TamilNadu. I don't think he has acted even in 5 Tamil films. After the function, he explained how overjoyed he was... Thanking god, gurus and all the emotional atyachars accompanied.

Now its the turn for Priyadarsan. God knows what his contributions are apart from English inspired cinema. And doing some ads, owning a cine stars cricket league

The signs of banana republic becomes obvious when space scientists wash their dirty linen in a free for all. ISRO was once renowned agency and the rare government outfit that made us proud


Happy Kitten said...

Think I lost my comment

Happy Kitten said...

Let me re-post...

The film "Pranchiyettan" brought out this bitter truth prety well..

As for ISRO any idea of the real truth.. am scouring the net for some info but without any use.. today I read that even Madhavan Nair is trying to sue RTI to gain some insight.. think the govt is having great fun in bringing down every good institute in this country. Woe to them!

Happy Kitten said...

typo..use RTI

BK Chowla, said...

We seem to have lost the plot