Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have Faith

It's so very easy to win cups simply by buying in lots of star players. Even the pundits will sing your praises. But when it comes to having an ideology and living by it, It's not easy. Not at all when you've people taking a count of the silverwares in your living room.

Mr.Abramovich ought to learn just that. He might find it easy to live in a country where oligarchy calls the shots. He might be making easy money as long as he has oil. But he hasn't stopped toying with chelsea football club.

I feel sorry for the fans. They don't have a manager in whom they can put in their faith. Every season he comes up with ay least two of them. And now we hear the forgetable Benitez waits on wings. And nothing seems to come out of their academy since Morinho set foot.

I loved AVB . He loved football. He just got the wrong break. Hope he stays true to his faith

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Andahlucya. said...

You've got people taking count of your silveware?