Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The crore mania in mallu land

When the kaun banega waltzed through the Indian screens, it heralded the arrival of 'wanna be rich India'. Then no one ever knew it will set Malayalee screens on fire too.

A few weeks back, the advertisements rolled in with an erstwhile actor with a majestic voice as the anchor. Suddenly a rival channel started (almost the same show) . The cards they plated where interesting. The show had to roll off before the other one and the anchor was old flame of the majestic actor.

I sat in front of the TV screen , watching if anyone gets lucky enough to win the 1crore. The game rules are simple- the contestants are given 1crore in advance. He will have to keep it by answering seven questions.

Now into the second episode , I've had enough. There are while girls in black mini skirt, badge with an eagle , black sun glasses(yea, in a studio). They are said to be the security guards. Imagine a guard in a mini and heels. Now the contestants are fitted with a micro phone so that he can't even dart without us knowing. And I can't figure out why dumb people are picked up who throw around money and lose them.

The producers forgot dimnishing prize money is the great solution to lose your interest. The audience sitting behind dark screen is good in Tron Legacy. Not here. Besides the side screen is plural for horrific

Today we had a doctor guy who claimed he's going to help poor patients if he won the money. He lost most of it soon and then he came up with 'I'm going to help poor people repay their loans' Ok smart guy , believed without a murmur.

The candy floss anchor is unbearable. She doesn't have the aura to do this and seems to be in a hurry to get over it and go home.

Then as if this isn't enough torture they bombard you with 20 minute ads  in every five minutes.

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