Saturday, May 12, 2012

The old bastards

Really pathetic to see Sunny trying to do a commentary with his mouth full of what he says is Kolkota sweets. Then the camera pans to studio where there's a sexy dusky and not so dumb blonde. She's flanked by self proclaimed comedian of Indian cricket Siddhu. I can't get the joke except that he's doing some dumb pranks and laughing out too loud. His favorite number is moving around skimpy cheer girls. The others join in the laugh and looks too too genuine.
Then comes the white guy who pretends he's an Indian. He's enjoying all the sweat and crowds and noise.
The commentary claims there's huge noise which we aren't able to hear.
And Sunny asks Siddhu if he's sleeping with the fellow blonde girl. Sad man sad..

To top it all there's an ad asking people not to watch tv and come to stadium.

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