Thursday, August 16, 2012

U are in show time

When it comes to hypocrisy and moral supremacy , no one can beat a Mallu.

We have this penchancy for the fake American Malayalam accent where you roll your tongue and make all words ineligible. Somehow Malayalee developed a fetishism for it and worked hard for this phony accent.

There was this long running Reality show anchor. A very successful program. Although not so very good looking, she had this cool attitude and a very fake nasal accent which hit the Malayalee at his G spot. The program was a superhit and the anchor was made inevitable part of it... Ranjini Haridas.

Recently I watched a YouTube video labelled Ranjini the arrogant. It was a show in another channel were she graciously volunteered to sit on the dais for a character assasination.. And so called laymen vociferously fighting for and against her. And she was dressed in boots and skin tight jeans egging them on...about her outspokeness , drinking , sex..

All the private channels have done one good thing for the public. A push and shove race where the average man can be the superstar provided he has a verbal diahorrea

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Susan Deborah said...

Well, who am I to comment on my neighbours!!!

Joy always,