Monday, July 4, 2011

A country for perverts

Last Saturday, I were on a train and brought an evening newspaper to while away time. The 3/4ths of the local section was filled with sex rackets. Scores and scores getting arrested- from youth to old men. The new sensation is one in which a dad pimped for her daughter. The family hailing from a respectable background.

Our country is very well blessed with lots of perversions, no matter how many MF Hussains we chase away. The debate rages on with intelligentsia arguing that repressed sexuality is the reason behind ugly manifestations. Some go on to say that getting used to seeing naked women from childhood reduces the lust.

The secret pleasures Indian men indulge in was evident in another case. A young guy registered himself in Yahoo Messenger as a women and offered real photos of women. He uploaded pictures from other sites, He made it into a paid service and reaped rich rewards until he decided that heaps of money in his SB account may alert the police and redirected the money into his ignorant mother’s bank account.

Well the ones who read the news and moan about the morality are saintly enough. The perversities manifest in all, one way or the other. I recently chased off a very faithful blogger friend of mine by treating her to very vulgar comments. I feel really sorry for hr.

The boundary line between decency and perversity is very thin.


BK Chowla, said...

I would blame media for sensationlising such issues whic gives them sale/TRPs

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure seeing lots of naked women from an early age lessens the lust - unless of course the naked flesh you are viewing is that of old, unattractive women.

Pesto Sauce said...

I agree with the lady - young naked flesh will always be alluring