Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good morning 01082011

Hey everyone, I missed a few good mornings! One of the reason being my internet balance ran out. Well, you know yours truly have been doing a few downloads and you can take a guess!!!

For the past few days BJP is busy saving its face and Yeddy his ass. I have learnt to sympathize with Indian polity. A government who is busy corrupting themselves and the system. Just when we think there are going to be fireworks with the ammunition gathered by poor journalists against the government, the opposition will shoot itself in the foot. Thankfully we are a race with never ending patience. Just as Dravid goes on batting, we are ready to wait for centuries for some change.

And no matter how mammoth and modern the technology becomes, there are simple techniques to avoid detecting the edges. Apply Vaseline over the bat. Thank you Vaughan for spreading the secret.

Talking about technology, we are seeing huge changes in China. This time it’s not another invention. An anchor spoke publicly over the TV, ‘Grow slow China or else you will leave the souls of people behind’. I hope an impending revolution wouldn’t see a western stooge in it’s place. China being a huge country the unrest can cause turbulence down here too.

Last of all guys, Months ago I watched a movie attracted by its name- Bedazzled.

I have never seen a worse movie with Fraser in his typical self of overacting and Hurley doing her underacting. She was the Satan in the movie- but this time Satan was too sexy and skimply clad to ignore and Satan was busy trying to teach Fraser all about Love.

Sounds weird, right! Well I read a weirder review yesterday eulogizing the philosophy of the crap.

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