Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wise men who rules the country!

Once we cried the illiterate leaders are the curse of the country. Now the concept has turned over its head.

Ahluwallia claimed in the morning newspaper that the increaing the fuel cost will bring down inflation over a longer period. These American educated bastards know to dress very well and look prim and proper. We have a weakness for everything foreign and gulp down the wise saying silently. But then again, how long would we have to wait for the ‘long term’? What are the 70% of Indians, who earn 20 Rs, going to eat for a long term?

Manamohan has gone a step ahead when he says the media is witch hunting his ministry for corruption and this prevents his officials from taking any decsion with out fear. He has gone on to say the government cannot be blamed for corruption because they take decisions with out any post facto knowledge. This guy still has the guts to think he can drown the country with an amazing bounty of scholarly nonsense.

The government is modifying the banking act to allow the famous Indian conglomerates to enter the banking arena. The claim is that currently government has no reach in rural India. The Ambanis and Tatas and Birlas are going to fill the gap! The statics in the hand of government suggests 60% of rural Indians still miss banking services. Interestingly another statistics says 70%earns only 30 rupees per day. And the wise men from American universities hopes to start Term Deposits from these people.

Or are we being the fools?


OtienoHongo said...

So they will expect the rural folks to deposit their 30 rupees into these bank accounts and then kill them off with banking charges?

Rachna said...

Oh yes, I am sickened by their positively hopeless cover up for their inadequacies. The problem is that we can really do nothing till their 5-year-term is up and the malaise is so deep that there are no better alternatives either. India is hurtling down a disaster if the systems and the mindsets don't change quickly and if we don't get a more genuinely empathetic government on board.

BK Chowla, said...

I will be happy if some one can tell me a single-single contribution made by Montek to indian economy, except justifying inflation and giving TV interviews and attending seminars on tax payers money all over the world