Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pointless Posts

Guys, I understand I have been posting undecipherable posts lately.

No I am not slipping out of my mind and I have not been drinking too. I saw my life and environment change so drastically. I am coming into terms with new realities.

We all do stupid and silly things, which makes sense to no one else. We never bother to think it over, fearing the 'pointlessness'. That's what I have been doing. Writing out the pointlessness of life.

For example, I came across a bunch of guys. They earn very well, but still they live very much frugally, eating the most basic food. They put their blood and sweat and skipped meals on share markets and stocks. I fail to find any point in what they've been doing? What if the whole thing comes crashing down. What if the whole things goes up but still they end up paying heavy medical bills?

Kindly bear with my deranged mind


jane.healy said...

We all have days/nights etc like this Jon - only I am too cowardly to actually post those blogs; just write them and then press delete the next day!

sm said...

up down and yes jane said it rightly its like day and night

Susan Deborah said...

Aw, life is a mixture of many things. So, relax.

Best wishes,

BK Chowla, said...

I dont know about undecipherable or not.
It is true, for some time now, I havent understood your posts.