Wednesday, July 20, 2011

S***** Exhibition

Now for some masala news.

Two guys were arrested yesterday- both for nude exhibition. And that too in India!

One guy decided to showcase his wares to a school kid and the other in front of a ladies’ hostel.

The Indian men are growing less and less confident on their sexuality. The most advertised products today are the boosters, muscle builders and ofcourse the penis enlargers!

One reason could be the overuse of porn films as a material for sexual education. Sadly we fail to see the making behind a porn movie. A one hour movie is shot in a span of days and they use steroid sprays to maintain erection for hours! Well the star with long enhancements wont be able to use his blessing except for in a movie.

Hope I spiced up your day.


BK Chowla, said...

I cant even react to this

jane.healy said...

It's interesting that men suffer with the same insecurities as women.

For years we have seen stick like individuals paraded on the cat walks and been told that this is the ideal we must conform to - either that or women whos breast havebeen enlarged to such proportions you wonder how the force of gravity allows them to walk.