Monday, July 11, 2011

Rule of the fourth

The week so another cabinet minister quitting. Moreover we saw the great portrait called Karunanidhi lamenting the monstrous power of media. He and his party has become part of the media witch hunt.

The same teams who once distributed free Televisions, cable connections, Radio channels and threatened other media moghuls to sell their stake now fear the fourth estate. The king maker is merely a pauper now. Can’t help but reminiscence an old poem wondering at the amazing site of a King reduced to an alm seeker.

It’s not just case with India. The media moghul Murdoch, who specialized in exploiting the weak minded, is living up to see his most famous publication close down.

Look at poor Hazare. He was the modern day Gandhi, now we are too bored of him and prefer the clown, Ramdev.


Rachna said...

I still don't prefer Ramdev. Yes, media is powerful but in Karunanidhi's case hopefully their mindless greed will catch up with them. Let's wait and see how far the prosecution goes. Because skeletons are tumbling out everyday. And even when in jail, they live like kings :(.

sm said...


Sh@s said...

Call it irony of fate or life.