Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Morning 23072011

So i am off home for the weekend. The washerwoman, aka MOM, will be waiting eagerly for my dirty laundry.

The morning newspapers had the shock and awe nature to them. It seems after the Global war on terror, only US has escaped from any terror strikes, The relatively peaceful country Canada became next in the lists.

Down here in Kerala, the thrones of two evergreen stars were rocked by IT sleuths. For decades they have been corruption on screen. Dumb people worshipped them even when it was obvious their hands were not clean. The IT raids and subsequent recovery of unaccounted wealth proved their guilt.

Electricity bills are again on the run. I believe natural resources are only for limited use. WHen we waste them we rob someone's rightly inheritance. Rationing- even though it's a horrific term, can be the only solution

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Rachna said...

Everyone has their hands in the till. That is what Karnataka Lokayukta said. And, that is what is the state of all the rich who are involved in filthy deeds in this country.