Friday, July 22, 2011

Mutually cheating

Last day I was having an evening chat with my new manager. He showed me a piece of paper listing the targets. I was stunned to see the higher ups listing a huge target for the on performing mutual funds.

Even the hardcore campaigners wouldn’t invest in our bank’s MFs. I personally had a great loss. And we have to push it through to the unsuspecting common man, promising a highhhhh benefit.

I have known cases when an ordinary peon was ‘canvassed’ to put his life savings into MFs. The poor man was convinced that at the time of his daughter’s he would be a richer man. The poor man saw his savings halved.

I feel the our workplaces are a triangle. The ones at the base do all kinds of dirty jobs to put a square meal at the table so the ones at the top can have better conditions of living.

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