Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Mornings 27072011

Yesterday I enjoyed, what was for the first time in my life, a bachelor's dinner. Three of my friends invited me over for dinner provided I share with them my induction cooker. Induction cooker is not a heavy weight so I carried it along. I was only hoping for a minimal dinner of gruel and pickle. I was stunned on seeing a variety of dishes.

I was ashamed that I had not even taken the baby steps at cooking. I loitered around fetching them the plates and doing the cleaning. But it was a wonderful and satisfying experience- when you eat the bread out of your own labour.

There is a tea shop just outside our apartments. I there the mornings for the morning cup of tea to set my bowels moving. A newspaper boy comes around in the morning and throws the daily into the shop. A couple of old men hustle and bustle for the newspaper and at exact 7 am they walk out with the newspaper to the bus stop and do rest of the reading there. I kept wondering why these guys don't finish reading it in the shop itself.

I got the answer from a friend. At seven the school bus comes to pick the kids up. That's when young beautiful looking mothers escort the kids to the bus!!!


OtienoHongo said...

That's funny, about the men and the bus stop.

Anonymous said...

Ah - those old boys are not so foolish are they?

I'll look up some simple stuff for youa dn send you the links!