Thursday, July 21, 2011

Into Kitchen

I have taken up something I dreamt for years- cooking. Being a person who has never been into kitchen except to do the dishes the past few days have been a challenge.

The only fear is if I am in the process of inventing some food that can have the potency to kill.

The last day I had to throw away the milk shake I did. It tasted horrible and the kitchen hasn't lost the smell yet.
The first day I did the egg scramble, it turned out to be undercooked. Today for no reason the steel kadai turned blue and threw up sparks. I ate the food inspite of fear, because I can't decipher the reason behind it turning blue.

And any of you who are willing to help with simple recipes or any site related to it, please do chip in.

Well the moral of the night: Tough part of cooking is cleaning.


jane.healy said...

Jon I am so proud of you - wasing up is easier if you saok everything as soon as you finish using it!

Look forward to reading more about the culinary delights you conjure up!

Susan Deborah said...

Mon, glad that you have atleast ventured into the kitchen now ;) Cooking always comes in handy, you know. If you want to impress a girl, then show off your culinary skills: always works better than empty conversation.

Best of luck.

Joy and good cooking skills,