Saturday, July 23, 2011

WEEK for the weak

The road side stall didn't have much of a choice to pick from. I went for the better looking magazine 'THE WEEK'
Now WEEK is owned by one of the biggest media tycoons in India- Manorama Group. Based in Kerala they have spread their tentacles all over India. The media group as such has passed on the reins to younger generation of the family and they have diversified from print media to different other versions and businesses.

The Manorama family is Indian version of Murdoch, using sensationalism and masala to tickle the insensiblities of Indian people. Prior to gaining a pan national image, they played the communal card very well. It became a matter of pride for a true Christian to read Manorama. Christians being the most influential people in Kerala, they had no problems spreading out.

The matter that pains me is the extent to which these people discard the basic ethics of media to influence people's minds for vested political and corporate interests.
WEEK sounded the feel-good- publication for the government. They had good words for Rahul Gandhi. They praised the works of erstwhile royal Digvijay and his son! They even had good words for the way government dealt on terrorism.

Thankfully the left and the BJP is out of power in most of the places. WEEK has no scope to write any bitter write ups in coming few years


BK Chowla, said...

It is so sahmeful that media in India is losing its credibility to zero levels

OtienoHongo said...

Media everywhere is losing its credibility to zero levels!