Wednesday, September 14, 2011

North South

The stage has been set for another north-south battle. And Indian netizens have chosen Blogger as the arena. The guys recieved the hits they yearned for when thousands came back again and again to comment.

Now this isn't the first hate mail.written by a north Indian against the southern counterpart or vice versa. But at some point you grow sick against the absurdity.

The surprising factor is even the pan Indian Outlook hasn't cured us off our sickness.

The various things that diversifies us our analysed bit by bit. The food, films, women, names, cinemas. I guess some girl might have been ditches by a guy for which she took it out against the entire race.

May be a lot of inter country sex probably will bring us closer.


Rachna said...

I have no clue what you are referring to here.

Renu said...

same clue what you are trying to say?

jane.healy said...

Jon - there will always be reasons why people you think should have much in common (ie same nationality, same religion) someone will find a reason to generalise and start a load of nonsense. Too many examples everywhere to start quoting examples!

Not sure a lot more sex is the answer to the problem though - unless of course there is some hot babe you are trying to impress with your liberal views!

Kiddy said...

Jane,I think you might be on to something here,Jon seems to be yarning for a hot bebe he's impressed with,I don't know if it's with her measurments,personality or brains though.

Jon said...

Measurements may be ;)

Kiddy said...

Lol,men,they are something else.I even read that one guy married just for a butt,now if that doesn't top it all.

BK Chowla, said...

I cant connect this post to a particular issue.
However, Chidambaram is reported to have made a statement that India would have been better as South and West only.