Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Mornings 04092011

The last thing you want to do after working your ass off is to go home and have a peaceful Saturday. But then if you have to work in through the weekend, you are screwed.

I don’t know if it’s part of my destiny, I keep bumping into managers who claim they are worse than the previous one. Or are everyone like that?

Well this one is an exception. He is personally a miser and comes up with long winding lecture. He makes the low grade staffs work overtime and doesn’t give them over time benefits which are rightfully theirs. They just earn one-tenth his salary. I wonder what he stands to lose if they get couple of bucks more?

Believe it or not across the world Indian labour conditions are the worst. I am not just talking about the lower grade. You spend the lion’s share of your time in front of a computer and you get peanuts in return. In other words quality of life is not proportional to benefits you earn or the standard of life. Employee satisfaction and well being is the sector given least priority into- be it corporate or government.

I have been wondering for sometime- why is laziness a mortal sin? Why can’t we just sit back and relax. Why do we have to keep minting out and minting out money?

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