Friday, September 16, 2011


Here comes another rate hike, which was preceded by fuel hike. The Manmohan Co. is no longer bothered to give any explanations. The team Anna seems to be too busy salvaging whatever happened to them. Anyways they never bothered much on the inflation.

We were planning to do a play ' theatre of the absurd ' as part of a.cultural program.


A man crying out for water. A beautiful woman appears with a bottle of coke. He tastes it and pushes her away.


Two lovers sitting silently. The boy says ' I failed to get promotion '
The girl removes the ring and walks away.
At the same time there is another girl waiting for someone. A guy comes in ' little time is left. Let's go '

She packs her bag and start out when some ruffians come in and brutally murders him.


Two figures sit cross legged. One man and one woman. One guy points to the man and says, ' This is the India we are fasting for.'
Everyone cheers for him while the lady is covered with a sheet.


BK Chowla, said...


Rachna said...

Yeah, you are right! Manmohan Singh knows that this government will go next term, so he is least bothered anymore about any policies. I like your play, sad yet true.