Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good mornings 02092011

I woke up the morning with a persistent cold. The climate here has been drenchy for the last two days. To make matters worse we have an audit today. Audits are inevitable as far as a financial institution is concerned. But for a worker its a nightmare.

I finished watching Polanski's 'ninth gate'. He is more or less an unfinished version of Hitchcock. Film was spooky with gripping narrative be camera. But nothing more.

Wikileaks have come up with another startling revelation. This time a powerful Kerala minister is found out to have terrorist connection. Assange is in no mood to fade away. I am planning to do a stealing.

I; am going to lift my neighbor's newspaper.


Renu said...

getting cold is a real nuisance..People like Assange may bring an awareness.thats what I hope.

Karan Agrawal said...

Before sunlight, there is always a dawn... and if you want lift neighbor's newspaper, that is the time! :)