Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Mornings 12092011

Morning was pretty early today. I have got a training starting from today at Fort Kochi. The place is pretty beautiful, far removed from the din of city. Evenings are a time to booze and eat. If you have the guts, its a time to sleep.through. But to get there is a trouble in itself. Sober decided to drive up there at the expense of a sound.sleep. This is a time to meet up some batch mates- both interesting and boring. Sadly the girls are going to be the boring ones.

The new generation urban youngsters are an interesting lot. There are plenty of opportunities. Hence no one is interested in going through the grind. We want to reach the top as quickly as possible, without much pain. To retain young blood is a big time headache for the HR

Yesterday was the anniversary of something big that happened years ago- 9/11. What has US gained out of it and what has the world as a whole benefitted is a question gaining whole the more relevance.

While USA claims more security, the third world had to bear the brunt.

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