Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Mornings 16092011

Everyone, I really am in a loss of words about what I wrote yesterday. To put things in short - a girl from south, probably incensed, wrote about Delhi boys in general. Someone posted that in the Facebook and ultimately lead to a war that spiralled when who's who headed in.

I couldn't understand much of the goings except for a few years of coexistence. Hence I have decided to maintain my neutrality. But I stand by my argument that sex is the best way to coexist.

Apart from that, today a guy came down to market his mutual funds. I was just amazed by the way these guys market the non performing shit. Unless someone dare question, we are sure to fall into the trap.

But something he said did catch my attention. When the private banks bother about the rich men in cities, the nationals are pushed to rural sides to reap losses. How long are we going to sustain a loss making public bank. Does the social responsblity stand for public banks alone?

I am in the process of doing a small, short play and we are going to name it.' The theatre of the absurd '


Kiddy said...

I'm a girl from the south and posted the song about a Southern man a small town on FB too,but I keep my mouth shut about Icelandic men 'cause they ain't my type,but they are really good men.What type of girls you like?Let me guess French, right?

Jon said...

Oh not French. Latinos may be

Kiddy said...

I get you.I hope it will be like in the movies for you,if you know what I mean,that's what every man wants,the perfect woman,the sheer thrill of holding her would be fantastic.Just think of that moment,pressing your whole body up against the perfect woman for the first time.

Rachna said...

It is just a stupid blog post, someone's rant on their blog, not worth commenting or getting worked up about :). There are a lot of such people as well as perfectly balanced people who see goodness in each other irrespective of which part of the country they belong to. Like you said, someone wanted the hits, good or bad :). I say --move on!