Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moment by Moment

Yesterday a friend texted me. It was her Papa's death anniversary and she was feeling wierd.

'Wierd?' I replied. 'yeah. I don't know how would Papa feel to know her daughter reached nowhere.'

She was not bad in her studies. But she successfully messed up her graduation. She had a disasterous fling. The guy is married to someone else and is trying hard to coax her into an illicit affair. To top it all she made some bad investments that made hee indebted to wrong guys.

I have seen girls messing up big time when their dads passes away. I wouldn't want to generalise but it might have something to do with the feeling of security.

I found no words to console her. But in my short experience success is a very relative term. The success at this moment might turn sour in the very next. So its pointless moaning or gloating. I know a group, once it had some of the biggest engineering contracts in the country. A few bad investments and the owners have no house even to stay.

Let's live and build life moment by moment


jane.healy said...

Good post Jon - it's true when your father passes on you feel more lost than ever. Mine died 4 years ago and I felt then that the last person to love me unconditionally was gone; which of course isn't true, but you do feel like that at the time.
Your friend will learn (hopefully) by her mistakes and by admitting that this is how she feels is already learning!

Renu said...

I agree that success is a very relative term and one must build life moment by moment.

Rachna said...

Success truly is a very relative term. Hopefully, your friend will find someone good to guide her.

Susan Deborah said...

My dad passed away long ago and I don't know about the security part but I did have many boyfriends. Well, now how do I interpret that.

How was Onam, Jon? I was in Kerala for Onam.

Joy always,

rohini said...

as u said we cant generalise this theory..
one theory of mine is...have faith in what u faith can only be developed with the balance of heart and